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Review of the film "La La land" Reviews 15.01.2017 at 05:32

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It is a love story of a starlet who auditions takes between coffee held movie stars, and fanatical jazz musician, forced to earn money in seedy bars. But having come to love the success starts to undermine their relationship...

the Dreamers

By the time when the great actress Meryl Streep is cinched at the presentation of the "Globes" his fiery rebuke, addressed to President-elect Trump, "La La land" have collected almost all statues that were nominated. It is very difficult to escape the conclusion that the unprecedented triumph of painting sounded in the night like a silent scream hanging in the hall of Beverly hills, saying, dear 2016-th year, man, it's good that you're over; and, what the hell, we all are already sick of elections, politics, trump, Hillary, please, finally, let us close the eyes and dream. Actually, solely, it seems, and live the main characters of the film. Big-eyed starlet MIA, like all young and talented residents of the city of angels, the dreams of an acting career, running unsuccessfully for listen free in the cafeteria. Somewhere at this moment a musician Sebastian lazily fingering the piano keys for sleepy visitors to a local restaurant, thinking only about how to open his own jazz club. Fate, however, as expected in a romantic movie soon confronts both dreamers foreheads to give them what they seem not even counting love.

In American periodicals fell in love with "La La land" critics qualified this disarmingly charming picture as "bittersweet romance". It really is moments to stupor sweet movie, the true bitterness of which the viewer will experience only the ending. Young Director Damien Chazelles, those who manage another good film about the thirst for creativity, exactly as in the case of "Obsession", orchestrates his tape as an improvisational jazz concert. "La La land" – a musical in every sense extremely undisciplined. He first, after soaring on the wings of nostalgia for the "Golden era" of old Hollywood, takes you up to the stars and bright lights – and a little later, and painfully drops to the ground where the scattered shards of someone's broken hearts and unrealized dreams. And surprisingly, of course, in seeming, at first glance, frivolous "La La Land" of vitality and freedom is ultimately much more than in the rehearsed speech of a beautiful woman idealisti Strip. Freedom this soars here in every frame. In weightless frivolous the camera operator that shoots not so much, how many waltzes. In here sounding the leitmotif of the "City of Stars" which Ryan Gosling and Emma stone – not the most, frankly, of the great vocalists in the world sing trembling from the overwhelming tenderness of the votes, why are your eyes wet. In the end, freedom, challenge and courage are flowing in incredibly moving epilogue, when the painting, spit on the laws of the genre, changing registers, resolutely refusing to be just another tale of love. Despite the songs, dances and other distractions the magic of cinema, fairy-tale after all, there approximately as in life: Yes, dreams always come true; and no, they are completely optional make us ultimately happy.