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YAWARE — webmaster, website, web 03.02.2017 at 09:26

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What is Yaware? This program allows you to monitor, control and analysis of working time spent at the computer. Especially interesting is the program for managers of firms with a large staff of office workers.

labor Productivity

Yaware allows to control the beginning and the end of the day your employee, analyze how effectively expended working hours. And all this can be done remotely, even while at this time in another city or even another country.

to begin work, you must register for the service and of your account to send all employees a link to download the application.

once the application is downloaded and installed, the program starts to work.

It collects data about websites visited by the employee, the programs and applications used on his computer. All these data allow us to objectively assess how much time the employee spent in the workplace and how exactly it worked.

Maybe some people are going to be overloaded with work, and some opposite work less than allotted time. This program gives you the opportunity to head over to properly manage personnel in terms of performance of employees.

Can be useful for this program and for us, freelancers. By registering in the program and install it on your computer, we are able to the end of the day to look back and analyze how effective our days went. All the working time, the program divides in three categories: productive, unproductive, neutral.

the Regulation of labor

How the program decides that you are working productively or not?

the fact that Yaware automatically assigns your most frequently used programs Japanese category (image editors, office programs, Internet), and each category receives a certain status (productive, unproductive or neutral). There is an opportunity to change the status of the category.

for Example, for us, frilanserov, Internet browsing is a necessary part of the workflow, and for some office clear signal that the employee climbed in the social network, and therefore is not effective.

a very interesting program, giving the opportunity to visualize and evaluate the effectiveness of their work. The nice thing is that the account of personal time can be done completely free with no time limits.

the Producers of the program promise that it will not affect the performance of computers, since all database processing is done on remote dedicated server. All information on a remote server is encrypted in accordance with modern safety standards.

Here's an interesting feature was discovered on the Internet.

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