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LEGO Movie: Batman 08.02.2017 at 21:00

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Gotham City is once again in trouble, and in the dark of night, appeared the next crafty criminal who wants to destroy the peaceful and tranquil life of the average citizens. The Joker is the villain, which has not yet been able to find, catch and punish. Cunning, clever and careful, his intellectual abilities are the envy of the best scientists of the world, he is an inventor and adventurer, all the weapons and "spy stuff" quality disguised as ordinary equipment of a magician, immune to acid and various toxic substances. In General, a very dangerous and arrogant evil genius, with whose appearance to change the alignment of forces in the neighborhoods of the town. Batman will have to become a real tactician and strategist, to calculate the moves of the attacker and disarm him, perhaps he will help new friends, or superhero hopes for the opponent's mistake? How will the confrontation between such strong opponents, see in this cartoon.

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