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How and where to make a passport in Elektrostal.

News - CONSIC.RU 01.02.2017 at 15:04

CONSIC. LLC KIVAS. The design of the passport.

The City of Elektrostal, located in the Eastern part of the Moscow region on an area of 50 square kilometers. It is home to 158 479. Here you can freely place your data on the passport of a generation according to the rules.

a passport is a necessary document for those who plan to travel abroad or has already implemented this action. Without it you will not be able to go back to Russia with foreign travel, so to make this document necessary. Before to submit documents for registration of passport, you need to familiarize yourself with some nuances. For example, you must choose which passport you will produce: old-style passport or the passport of the new generation.

There are two sample passports, which you can make themselves: the old, which is issued for five years, and biometric analogy, the validity of which is 10 years. Each of these documents has its own advantages, so think well which one to choose and what will suit you more. In the passport of the new generation can not enter minor children (will have to make a separate passport for the child), whereas in the old model of this document. Also the biometric passport is more modern than his old version, he is reliable and embedding in the electronic chip with information about you.

the Documents for obtaining a passport.

in order to produce a passport of a particular sample, submit to the office of the Federal migration service at the place of residence the following documents:

- a completed application form;

- passport of Russian citizen;

- the pension certificate (need to retired);

- copy of employment record;

- birth certificate (for minor child);

- military ID (for men of military age from 18 to 27 years);

receipt of the full payment of the state fee (the amount depends on the type issued passport);

- 2 or 4 high-quality photos.

After the staff of the FMS will check the correctness of the statements and all the documents you provided for the issuance of the passport, you will have to personally visit the office after a certain time and pick up the finished passport. You also have the right to receive the document urgently.