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Subdivisions 1C 8.3 Accounting: payroll accounting for each branch

Blog 1C GOODWILL 07.02.2017 at 08:18

1C - implementation, programming, training, configuration


IN "1C: Accounting" in recent releases ( and later) allows for accounting in terms of separate units. This primarily relates to payroll. You can now prepare and submit reports on personal income tax in different tax jurisdictions.

it is Important! Available only for organizations with population of less than 60 people.

the Initial setup and entry of a separate subunit 1C

the Needed settings are set in the section "accounting Settings" (Fig.1).


Select "Setting wages" (Fig.2).


In the opened window, select necessary check box (Fig.3).


After this, in the directory "Units" will have the opportunity to specify the details of corresponding tax inspection (Fig.4). In this example on code 5031.


Reporting on personal income tax for separate units

let us Consider the preparation of data for reporting personal income tax in tax.

Suppose the organization "Progress" has two divisions:


will Take on the work of two employees. Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich will work in the main unit, and Petrov Peter – in separate.

will Form and hold two documents, payroll for each Department separately.


Check the date, amount and place of occurrence of income for Ivanov I. I.(Fig.5).


Similar data appeared for p. P. Petrov (Fig.6).

Now it is possible to form a reference. Under "Salary and personnel" are special points (Fig.7).


In Fig.8 presents the form of a certificate 2-pit, in which you can select the inspection for the RCM and CAT. It presents data for a detached subdivision (IFNS No. 5031).


If the payroll is error-free, the table part is automatically filled in.

In Fig.9 see document for delivery in IFNS №5032.


Thus, created two different certificates in different tax jurisdictions.

the Printed reference form is shown in Fig.10. Help formed for a detached subdivision was separate at on.


In conclusion, it should be noted that the full accounts for separate divisions is in the configuration of "1C: Accounting CORP". The cost of such configuration above. However, it solved the issues of acceptance and transfer of fixed assets, materials, finished products, monetary funds, as well as transfer of employees between the parent organization and separate divisions. Keep records of income, expenses, profit for each separate business unit. When preparing the Declaration for the profit tax calculated the share distribution on, which greatly facilitates the work of the accountant.

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