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Search engine promotion is a — webmaster, website, web 07.02.2017 at 18:58

About creating web sites, content, optimization, promotion, and earnings. Webmaster tools, website Cotonti CMF (templates, plugins, modules) lessons for the development, description

Search engine optimization is the cornerstone of any business on the Internet. Just create a website is not enough. Without promotion it will generate a meager income, barely enough to recoup its maintenance, but investing in search engine optimization, You will be pleasantly surprised by stable growth of sales.

In our understanding of mutually beneficial cooperation is grow Your profits by at least 50% above the cost of invested funds.

Search engine promotion

how does it work?

Yes all is simple! Maybe not as easy as advertising in the newspaper or on the radio, but much easier than a Biquadratic equation.

by the Way! Most radio and Newspapers focus on the Internet advertising to increase their audience.

Why online? Yes, because it's easy and effective.

How do You earn it?

just imagine: according to statistics, in Russia more than 700 million people who every day use the Internet. They online learn, communicate, and most importantly — they're looking for! Looking for exactly what they need, what they want to obtain. And 4 million people looking for the different! Someone looking for a car, someone is going to do the repairs, and someone wants to buy a house in Spain and looking for a through whom you can do. In General, people are looking for.

how are people looking for? Here the Internet provides to its users convenient services find what's relevant. In Belarus, the most popular 3 such search services: Google (Google), Yandex (Yandex) and HERE.Bai (

information Search

As people find what you need?

let's Take an example, when a person wants to make major repairs in the house.

He'll go to one of search services. In the "search" he will admit about such requests:

Repair of apartments, Painting of ceiling, Repair ceiling, Repair walls, Repair of flooring, tiling, Electrics, Plumbing, Buy doors and other theme requests...

Further, the search engine will provide thousands!!! pages offers.

Search engine optimization is what will help you to provide as high as possible to the beginning, because according to statistics 95% of users are 10 suggestions to make the buying decision.

As You know, advertisers are interested to get in the first ten sentences. That's what we do! Nominated by their clients for the required queries in the TOP 10, TOP 5 or TOP 3 first sentences.

the target audience

What is the target audience?

it's simple. Search engines keep detailed statistics on all queries made per month, broken down into regions.

for Example, In Belarus at the request of "Door" on average, 55 000 requests per month, of which 29 000 of Minsk region.

Imagine how much this man! And they're already looking for where to buy!

on the Basis of data on needs and scale of Your business, it is possible to predict the approximate flow of customers in a month.

the Cons of search engine promotion.

— Visible results after 1 to 4 months, depending on the competitive environment. That is in the TOP 10 Your offer will be at least a month.

— the potential instability of positions in search systems: introduction search engines the new "rules" of finding possible temporary loss positions.

Search engine optimization is something that certainly has disadvantages, but they are disproportionate to what you get in the end.

"the Internet doesn't change the business model, it only gives new powerful tools to the existing"

Doug DeVos, the millionaire.

Record Search website promotion appeared first - webmaster, site, web.

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