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Give a 20% discount on any Terry fitted sheets. -

In Russia is quite often held rallies, which the law prohibited the use of amplifying apparatury.

And every time I wonder:

- why not use instead of megaphone horn? Or assigned to his mouth hands? Or rolled into a cone of newspaper? After all, it is not considered equipment.

- Or why not hand out to all participants priborchiki as for excursions, so everyone can listen to the speech through headphones? Or use these little machines to relay - because it is impossible to amplify the voice of the speaker, but nobody forbids relaying.

- Or why will not transmit voice messages via a telegram-bot all the speeches?

- Or why not on the podium will show the phone number to which all participants in the meeting can call to hear the speaker? It's also not covered under any laws. Just a podcast.

anyway, I'm reading the reports about the meetings, which consist of the fact that "nothing was heard at a distance of five meters from the speakers". All you will hear, if not to be dickheads.

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