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Senstone — wearable recorder

Always connected 12.02.2017 at 11:16 ( is a specialized Russian analytical server, covering hardware, personal computers, communications and servers, 3D graphics and audio, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors, mobile communications and peripherals, gaming and much more.

With the concept of wearable electronics in the first place, associated with watches, bracelets and glasses. The developers of "smart voice recorder" Senstone decided to use a different form factor. However, the possibility of wear on the brush in the manner of hours, they also provided. In addition, Senstone can be worn around the neck as a pendant or clipped to a collar or pocket flap.

Form Senstone, according to the creators of the device resembles the shape of the sound wave. In miniature housing (of 29.53 x a 29.08 x 8.72 mm) is the microphone and the other electronic components, including the led indicator. The recorder weighs 11 g. For charging the internal battery with a capacity of 80 mA∙h is a wireless charger. According to the developers, a single charge lasts up to four days.

to start or stop recording, just touch Senstone. Possible as an Autonomous work and work in tandem with a smartphone, paired via Bluetooth and synchronization with cloud storage. Function is available to convert speech to text.

Hoping to raise at least $50,000, the authors of the project has already raised more than $80,000. The fundraiser will continue for another 33 days, and the shipment of recorders is due to begin in September.

Source: Kickstarter