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— Sh-sh! Think Deep Thought is about to speak!

How to get a life of your dreams. 13.02.2017 at 08:01

How to get a life of your dreams. -

Few moments there was silence, then the panel on the front of the console slowly came to life. They blinked to sample lights, and immediately fold in wink with a businesslike pattern. A panel of communications issued a buzz.

— Good morning, said Deep Thought at last.

— Good morning, o Deep Thought, — said Lunkwill us nervously. — Did you find... uh... well...

— the Answer to your question? kindly helped him a Deep Meditation. Yes, I've found.

Programmers started shaking from impatience. Their expectation was not in vain!

— the Answer exists? whispered Fuhg.

— There is, — confirmed Deep Thought.

— all? On the greatest question of Life, the Universe, and everything?

— Yes.

two scientists entire life preparing for this moment. Their whole life was a preparation for him. Long before the birth they were elected to hear the answer. But, despite all this, they have captured the spirit, and chills ran down the backs.

— And you're willing to give it? — said Lunkwill.


— Right now?

— Right now.

Scientists licked her dry lips.

— Although I think, added Deep Thought, — he you will not be happy.

— Nonsense! exclaimed Fuhg. — We need the answer! Here and now!

— Right here, right now? — said Deep Thought.

— Yes! Now!

— Well, — said the computer and again plunged into silence. Two scientists shifted in their seats. The strain was becoming unbearable.

— you do not please — warned of Deep Meditation.

— Speak!

"all right," agreed a Deep Meditation. So, the answer to the Main Question...

— Well!

— ...Life, the Universe, and everything, ' said Deep Thought.

— Well!!

Deep Silence made a meaningful pause.

— Well!!!

the Pause dragged on.

— Well!!!!!!!

, Forty two, ended Deep Thought with infinite Majesty and calm.

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