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In the state Duma discussed the mechanism of preferential crediting of agricultural producers in 2017

The State Duma Committee on agrarian issues under the chairmanship of Vladimir Kashin at the next meeting on 14 February discussed the implementation of the mechanism of preferential crediting of agricultural producers in 2017. The meeting was attended by first Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dzhambulat Hautov and the Deputy Minister of agriculture Igor Kuzin.

In Russia from 1 January 2017 entered into force new rules of preferential crediting of agriculture, under which agricultural producers may request to receive subsidized loans at the rate of 5% per annum. According to the Government decree 29.12.2016 year subsidies benefit the authorized banks, which at the rate of 5% should give loans to farmers. Banks lost revenue when lending to farmers will be reimbursed, the amount of subsidy will be 100% of the key rate of the Bank of Russia. During the implementation of this system revealed a number of problems.

Deputies said the representatives of relevant ministries about possible problems in the regions in conducting the forthcoming sowing campaign, expressed concern about the low rate of crediting of agricultural producers, especially farmers.

the Main reason for this situation is, according to deputies not meeting the needs of the limit of Federal funds in this area of state support of agricultural producers. According to them, currently due to lack of funds and inability to attract credit resources at preferential conditions and the likelihood of failure of timely implementation of the complex of spring field work. Moreover, the fairness of preferential credits was called into question in many regions of the country. So, according to MP Viktor Ignatov, "200 agricultural enterprises in the region (Novosibirsk) were close to bankruptcy due to the fact that even the minimal funds allocated to the region, choose large farms". "Now broken unbeaten luck" - summed up Vladimir Ignatov.

as an example of inequitable distribution of concessional loans in the Oryol region Vladimir Kashin noted the position of one of banks – participants of the program of preferential crediting of farmers Gazprombank, which issued more than 90% of the regional limit on the preferential short-term loans for crop two large holdings without the consent of the Executive authority of the region.

Some agricultural producers in the addresses to the deputies of the state Duma and local authorities, according to Natalia Fighting, Gennady Kulik, Vladimir Zudenkova, Arkady Ponomarev and other members of the Committee, point to the inability to obtain credit on favorable terms. The farmers propose to revise the current mechanism for allocation of limits between the applicants, returning to more fairness in the allocation of loans and the distribution of subsidies "per-hectare and per liter milk."

during the discussion of the situation the representatives of the Ministry of agriculture, answering questions of deputies, argued that the danger of breaking the sowing and the first monitoring new credit system shows high efficiency of the presented statistics, emphasized that this form of lending has been coordinated on all platforms: the unions, the state Duma and the Federation Council. D. Hautov and I. Kuzin stated that at the moment 22 billion roubles have already been sent to farmers: the agricultural Bank issued 20 billion rubles of loans and 2 billion roubles from Sberbank.

In the discussion it became clear that allocated in the budget for 2017 funds to support agriculture in the country is not enough. Moreover, there is a deficit of 14.9 billion rubles for the selected in 2016, investment loans, and they will be covered from the budget of the current year. The accumulated debt, namely, the shortage of financing from the Federal budget to 1 January 2017 amounted to 69.3 billion rubles, of which 26 billion rubles of debt (unsecured need) for short-term loans, 14.9 billion rubles – the debt on selected 2016 investment loans 21.5 billion rubles uncovered the need for investment loans of 3.2 billion rubles - the debt on previously selected projects (pending funding), 3.2 billion rubles – debts to manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

the opinion of the Committee, this is unacceptable. The loan portfolio of the farmers needs to be about 200 billion rubles, and in two times more. In addition to increasing funding and raising the issue before the Prime Minister in anticipation of the upcoming Government report in the state Duma, the deputies raised the issues of equity units with the Ministry of agriculture limits on the industry and on the subject, insisted on amending resolution of the Government, proposing to reduce the time of processing of loans to farmers and to require banks to coordinate their decisions on granting loans with the competent authorities of subjects of the Federation.