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What is the role of folk and Cossack guards in ensuring the security of citizens

Question - answer - Legal advice 14.02.2017 at 14:16

Question - answer - Legal advice

The Safety of citizens along with police officers in the capital to help

to provide professional structures. Among them folk and

the Cossack brigade, activists of the project "Safe capital"


residents to participate in the protection of public order of the city is reflected

in the legislation. And not only in Moscow, but also on Federal

level. Your right many concerned citizens are not neglected, and

on the contrary, actively using. Only in the "Safe capital"

today is several thousand people.

For the year activists hold

hundreds of raids, detecting and preventing offences. Work like

rule, shoulder to shoulder with the Metropolitan police. After all, by some

law enforcement officers to ensure order as well as cameras

surveillance - at least in the city there are thousands, is not enough.

It was the social activists, the Deputy head of the Public

Association "Safe capital" Anton Akishina, help the

the district to identify pain points and to solve pressing for

the inhabitants of a particular area of the problem.