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Classification of banks in 1C 8.3

Blog 1C GOODWILL 13.02.2017 at 06:16

1C - implementation, programming, training, configuration


In this article I want to address the question how to download or update the classification of banks in 1C 8.3.

In fact, though the question is quite often asked by my clients and the users of the Internet, nothing complicated in the update no. In recent releases of programs 1C-family: "Enterprise 8.3" there is a regular job that checks for changes in the reference classifier and, if necessary, updates it, or loads completely, if for any reason it is not loaded when you install the program.

This task runs in the background. By default it is set to execute daily, starting two hours a night. When it runs, in the bottom right corner there is a window prompting you to update the classifier.

But sometimes you have to load the classifier banks in 1C 8.3, without waiting, when performing a regular job. Job is actually disabled and not running. For example, I tried to disable the maintenance task as they can be too bothersome and hamper the work of the program.

So let's see how to disable the background task and update the classification of banks by hand. Consider I the example 1C: "Accounting enterprise 3.0".

how to Disable or enable scheduled jobs for loading banks in 1S

To disable the job you need to go to the menu "Administration", then "service and Support". This item will be a section "Routine operation". If you go to the item "Maintenance and background job", you will see a list of tasks. Here they are disabled:

After the job is disabled, load or update the classification of banks by hand.

How to update the classifier banks manually

To do this, go to menu "Reference". Here you need to select "Banks". If no such item (after installing the program, I didn't have one), you need to go to navigation settings and move the item from the left window to the right:

by Going to the directory "Banks", press the "Create" button. The program will offer us to choose a Bank from the classifier. Agree and go to the directory classifier. At the top of the window will be a button "Load classifier". Downloadable Handbook and refuse to create a new Bank, or choose it from the qualifier. All necessary details will be automatically migrated.

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