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Literary flash mob, where are the men, but where is the doll?!

A blog about the prose of our life and modern Russian prose 15.02.2017 at 11:54

Literary site. Blog as zatisi about the prose of life,and modern prose,the mixing of genres,towards an inaccessible Truth.

The Number of writers is rapidly approaching the number of readers... And this is a huge crowd, almost a literary flash mob.

to get into "pop jet", it is necessary to write on the needs of the public and, preferably, obscene... It's like the proverbial selfie for mass observation in the network is better in the Nude or in clothes shorter, but according to the latest fashion... And for fashion, as you know, to keep up is always difficult, and wasteful — too many spending bills with watermarks... So many can not afford, and some do not like.

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