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The February reception

How to get a life of your dreams. 15.02.2017 at 16:00

How to get a life of your dreams. -

The Internet has no most of the knowledge that experts have in their heads. For them this post.

In this post experts declare, what makes sense to them contact (for example: "Talk about PVC" or "Ask any questions about the difference between particleboard and MDF").

non-experts ask questions, the answers to which cannot move to find in search engines, expecting to get a response from specialists (for example: "Why Mercedes no touchscreen?" or "Why have Subaru's in the doors make the top box?").

Experts, scholars, professionals, doctors, engineers, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, scientists, chemists, physicists, geologists, philologists, philosophers, Theosophists - all guests wander interest groups. It is a buffet.

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