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Shades of voice input

How to get a life of your dreams. 17.02.2017 at 08:00

How to get a life of your dreams. -

Search engines for many years taught people to the fact that the query need to ask without a question mark that does not coincide with the way people communicate with each other. Algorithms of the future will distinguish the questions ("where is the nearest hospital?") from declarative sentences ("the hospital Malaya Bronnaya").

the question about the sensitivity and intelligence of the algorithm.

the Next level is not just to recognize the question mark as "?", and to understand that the sentence is a question.

the Conditional Siri should be able to distinguish "tomorrow at 10:30" from "tomorrow at 10:30?" and give different answers - "is" or "Yes."

Now on the market, no one shows.

Still curious how different it able to understand the voice of today's search engines.

Try to say in different search engines "great comma chepushilo". One the system recognizes "zdopovo chepushilo" and the other "great comma chepushilo". The same applies to the words "dash", "new line" and other punctuation marks. Some guys thought about it (Apple) and others not (Google).

Moreover, the good guys understand the difference between the speed of pronunciation. If you do not do a pause before and after the words "new line", the input will be a text ("Hello new line how are you"). And if you make a short pause, the cursor will move to a new line, like a live receptionist follows the dictation (Hello

how are you doing).

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