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Steinway & Sons D-274

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Sale of the professional musical equipment

Diaphragmatic soundboard (1936, patent No. 2051633, expired) of species Sitka spruce (North American mountain spruce), tapering from the center to the edges (9 to 6 mm), allows the full expressive sound. DECA-Durabolin has a double dome, that sounds long and powerful, allowing you to displace large amounts of sound waves to fill the large room of the hall. Decks of the same design are present in all other modern pianos.

Deco Steinway D-274, holding in tension of the particular metal construction, the so — called Bell. The whole speaker system of the piano is very stable, allowing long time (years and decades) to keep the accuracy of the resonance (quality of sound). Similar constructions are present in other modern instruments.

the Overdrive mechanism of Action (1931, patent No. 1826848, expired) has a structure that is somewhat different from the usual, so — called stanoevska mechanics. The mechanism Steinway & Sons has accelerated...

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