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Holidays in Montenegro

World of travel 16.02.2017 at 08:47

Resorts, hotels, tourists

In Montenegro I was lucky enough to relax on the two resorts on the Budva Riviera, the town of Budva and in Boka Bay, Dobrota. These resorts differ from each other and the quality of the beaches, and food, and even the weather was different) in Addition to a beach holiday we diligently traveled almost all across the country by car and tours we did not take. So,

General information

Montenegro Russia close in spirit and language, so here willingly go Russian tourists. Even without knowing the language you here in most cases well understood. Russian language can be heard in stores, restaurants, services, rentals, travel agencies. And even most of the billboards look familiar to the pain: "rentals", "Take out a loan to buy an apartment"... I was constantly haunted by the feeling that is the Crimea. Stay here affordable (housing, food) and at the same time comfortable, clean sea, perfect for a family holiday with children. However, the issue of accommodation service Montenegro is still not Europe, so too fastidious tourists do not go here, and if you go, then again not returned, preferring something more modern...

Montenegrin Roads

the country is situated between two international airports, Tivat and Podgorica. From each you can quickly and cheaply take a taxi to any resort. Cost – 30-70 euros. The distance is short, say, to Budva from Tivat it takes about 25 minutes and from Podgorica — hour. Airports are quite small, the duty-free shops — are modest. Everywhere travel Agency, offering a large variety of excursions. For example, the price agencies charge:

Tour "Canyons" — the price of 25 euros per person. This is a tour for the whole day, from 7.00 to 20.00, with a guide. The day you look around the country almost entirely, and visit main sights: monastery Moraca, Tara canyon, Zabljak and Black lake. Excursion "Kotor Bay" is 20 euros. Also will take the entire day, from 8.30 to 19.00. Tour "Cetinje and Lovcen", 23 EUR. Duration: from 8.30 to 16.30. Tour of Skadar lake, 28 euros. Duration — 9.30-16.00. This includes a 3 hour boat trip on the lake and swimming, Breakfast on the ship and lunch in the restaurant. Tour "Ostrog Monastery", 17 EUR. Duration: from 8.30 to 16.00. Excursion "Rafting", 55 euros, more expensive than others.

this is only the most popular, they still have to suit every taste and pocket. Here and there an idea can rent a car? You can all just counting. My calculations are. We landed in Dubrovnik (that's Croatia), in the local airport to rent a car turned out to be 465 Euro. Although if you compare prices in Croatia and at the airports of Tivat and Podgorica, it turns out that in Montenegro rent a car for about 100 Euro cheaper. We have had 2 weeks, during which time we have traveled all over Montenegro and visited all the listed tour programs attractions. The fuel came to us 100 euros. The result: 465 + 100 = 565 euros. Surprisingly, the price of fuel the same in all parts of the country — 1.37 Euro for 1 liter of 95-octane gasoline. Gas stations everywhere, this is no questions. The same tour would cost us, which is 3 persons, about 300 euros. It's cheaper by almost half, but! traveling on their own, we looked into such nooks, where no tour will not deliver, we are not dependent on timetables and bus route, and this is a big advantage. And the amount of 300 euros still need to add on a trip from aeparate and to the airport; then drive from Podgorica (our first home) in Kotor (the second).

it is Worth noting that the road is not particularly good, and are often steep and precipitous mountains, so drivers should be extremely careful and go literally on all fours. Also on the turns it is desirable to honk to warn oncoming traffic. I can say without exaggeration, twice the signal and slow speed just saved our lives. There are several main roads with excellent coverage, but even they are usually one - or two-way. For all the time passed only through one modern, well lit and ventilated tunnel.

the Beaches

the Beaches here are very different: small or large pebbles, rocky, sometimes sandy. But sea water! Many beaches of the Budva Riviera (Budva, Petrovac, Bar, Budva, Becici, Rafailovici, St. Stephen, etc.) — sand and pebble. However the entrance to the sea is covered with large pebbles and even stones. Entrance and exit from the sea caused me great inconvenience. And that's if the sea is calm, then at least see where you step, and if the wave is not hard and his legs broken.

the Beaches are divided into a free area where you can sit on your towel and umbrella and paid. There are sun loungers and parasols have kindly provided. The price for this pleasure varies from resort to resort. On the beaches of Petrovac — 2 sunbeds and an umbrella cost 10 euros per full day. On the beaches of St. Stephen, these same accessories the closer to the sea, the more expensive:

1st row € 30, 2nd line — 25 euros, 3 line — 15 euros.

the Royal and Nearby Milocer beaches, where prices are generally exorbitant. Don't know whether to hire such expensive beds, since we were here during a severe storm and vacationers simply did not exist.

the Overall impression of the beaches of Petrovac there's a little bit sad: they are dirty, the sand is grey, kind of like a shower, but 5 booths worked only one. Change was in the only stall on the entire beach.

So the beaches in Petrovac disappoint, and it kind of ruined my experience of the sea. But the sea itself is pure. The way out of the situation I found in the restaurant, which was a the beach was there for 5 Euro/piece and was a platform with stairs into the water.

the Dobrota Village, next to Which in Boka Bay, has made me a more pleasant experience. On the beaches a platform with steps to enter the water and close by for the children — go into the water with very small pebbles.

Shops, food, restaurants

Usually tourists in Montenegro, staying in rented rooms or apartments and sometimes in hotels, of which there are few. So daily agenda — what to cook and where to eat. Restaurants abound. Prices — attractive.

the Prices in the restaurants Eggs — 3 Euro sandwiches — 3.5 euros. Chorba is a local very hearty and delicious soup. This soup of beef will be 2.5 Euro, fish soup — 3.5€. Pleskavitsa (tremendous cutlet) with fries — 5 euros stuffed pleskavitsa — 7 euros. Kebabs — 5-6 euros. Chicken fillet — 6 euros. Signature dish from the chef — 12-15 Euro. Tuna steak — 12 euros. Stuffed calamari — 9 euros.

in Short, prices are affordable, sometimes even low. But the portions are hefty). One meat portion is enough to feed 2 people.

the Products in stores Chicken — 5.60 Euro per 1 kg Tomatoes — € 1.28 per kg Eggs — 1.30 Euro for a pack. 10 PCs Milk — 0.73-0.90 Euro (package 1 liter) Meat (pork) pieces — 6 Euro per 1 kg Meat (pork) on the bone — 4.60 Euro per 1 kg, cooked Sausage — about 4-5 Euro per 1 kg Sausages — 3-3.5 euros per pack. Feta cheese — 1.69 Euro per pack. Juices in packages of about 1.0-1.5 euros (1.5 l) Bread — 0.60-0.70 euros for a loaf.

Stores is not enough, at Petrovac, only one large supermarket. In the Kindness (the town near Which) was a small shop with all the necessities — bread, milk, vegetables and fruit, juice and wine. But for meat, eggs, yogurts, etc. we had to start the car and drive to Kotor, and there are already loaded in the supermarket in full, enough for a few days.

In General, Montenegro is a beautiful and picturesque country with friendly people. As if we had never left home.) It is worth to visit here again, despite prostetsky beaches. For the rest – clear sea, good cheap food, and that is enough. Someone will fit the noisy and popular places, such as Petrovac, and someone — a quiet and secluded as Kindness.

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