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Something terrible is waiting for Ukraine

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 16.02.2017 at 17:35

Webcams of cities of Ukraine, popular news feeds, video and news articles.

Many in Ukraine say today that will be February 20 of the Maidan, to believe or not believe is everyone's right. But on February 22, avakovskie litter are going to organize the March.

How it happens that the whole country is not satisfied with the power that going full chaos, and everyone is silent. Strange as it is, you say patience?

Okay. Today a bunch of "lytsar entourage" blocks train track and puts the whole country into p...m. against this background, the government of Ukraine is going to have to raise utility bills. Does the government and those who block railway path together? It can be.

Went on. on the front, many volunteers began to opine on the completion of the war. Tired, tired and want to go home. The excitement of the "shoot-virus" was, because many of the victims something to hide are very hard. And the supply is poor. I always wonder with the people removed the tax to the ATO, and the money is going where? Clearly in the pockets of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Look how geletey ilovaisky, bought himself a cabin in England, knows that all will end is very sad, and that's made the moves to retreat. A pan Tyagnybok? Say I bought a house in the suburbs. Also preparing escape routes.

how many abandoned of the volunteers goes through the territory of Ukraine, and with weapons in hand. Slipping into gangs, Rob, rape, moderncat. In the meantime, Avakov reports on almost one hundred percent solving crimes. And this at a time when all professionals were expelled from law enforcement bodies. And the new police! This is a masterpiece!!! How many have beat machines and how they are affected people?

the slogans on the return to Ukraine of the Crimea and the Donbass, in addition to those who sit in the Verkhovna Rada and warms his ass, nobody believes. And rightly so, because the Donbas has suffered so much ukrovlasti and jumping pots, even five generations can't live with them. And only ukrotrolli jump from site to site and talk about the brave ukrovoyakah ready to come to Moscow for the victory parade. Don't worry, there will be a parade, only different, and very soon. And the asphalt will wash up after the parade.

has Popped up on the background of this and ukrprommetal Ivan Protsenko, who are now glorifying ukrovlast and screaming at all intersections, saying that "Maidan" is pushing people to a new Maidan. Yes "Antimaydan" Vanya, do not care, what are you going to arrange, though, and can shoot each other and the world will be cleaner.

What do you decide? I understand that the Maidan want to make it radically minded volunteers. Eager, too, to the trough in power. And the power never sleeps, pulls troops and equipment to Kiev. A massacre, unless of course independence will be secured. The carnage...

where will it end? don't know, maybe you know?