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Aggressive artificial intelligence from Google – the exception or the rule?

PostRussia 18.02.2017 at 11:17

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As it turned out, the car with artificial intelligence DeepMind learns not just yourself, but a completely uncontrolled by man. Moreover, this process does not depend on the information that is embedded in his memory. Because AI is able to obtain information and analyze the situation, gaining knowledge in the process. Moreover, when events "do not like" robot DeepMind, he begins to behave aggressively.

This is shown by testing system on its willingness to cooperate. If the robot realizes that is a losing situation, he uses rather aggressive methods to obtain victory over the opponent. And it has nothing to do with the unwillingness to provide compensation, as in the test period is not supposed to no bonuses. It turned out that the machine has its own, rather unpleasant character.

And was stronger as opposed to system intelligence, the more aggressive was the behavior. It would seem that this research should cease, and production of artificial intelligence as such to limit to a certain range. However, scientists have made a very strange conclusion from the obtained data. They have decided to further develop the system.

According to the theory developers, the "smarter" artificial intelligence, the greater his capacity to learn and adapt in certain situations. Scientists came to the conclusion that it is necessary to lay a "goodwill" basis for the creation of robots, and to block all possible ways for the occurrence of aggression. The developers even decided that improving the AI should be brought to a level where they will surpass in its capabilities of man.