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The possibility of artificial intelligence in earthquake prediction

PostRussia 18.02.2017 at 11:23

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A Group of American seismologists working on the issue of creating artificial intelligence that can predict earthquakes. Colleagues are very skeptical about their research. According to the Geophysics Paul Johnson of Los Alamos National laboratory U.S. Department of energy, this attitude is due to previous bad experience of mankind in this matter. Nevertheless, he believes it necessary to continue research in this area, despite the fact that in the entire history none of the previously tested methods brought no positive results.

, Together with colleagues geophysicist, has developed a fundamentally new approach to solving the problem. Artificial intelligence continuously analyzes the incoming data from the measuring devices, trying to reveal the hidden from man patterns prior to an earthquake.

Scientists conduct research not only on artificially generated earthquakes, but also during the actual tremors.

the results Obtained seem to be interesting and worthy of attention. The robot managed to capture a very specific change in the sounds that accompany the movement of the plates prior to a natural disaster. Generated by the system algorithm allows to accurately narrow the time frame of the expected earthquake on the basis of the received acoustic signals.

Paul Johnson is confident that in the next ten years, his car will revolutionize science.