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A March of outraged Belarusians in Minsk. 17 Feb 2017. Belarus news

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Five thousand people on October square of Minsk - this was not a very long time.

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Perhaps, with the 19 December 2010 presidential elections, when all the presidential candidates, heads of their staffs, and activists have been in prison and got the time -

Then, however, the square was 50 thousand people. But after the repression, comparable to Stalin's, society has gone into a deep long depression was followed by a clear fatigue -

What is the area, if there is nothing to eat? If the salary, which five years ago was almost a thousand dollars turned into a hundred? And that's not the worst option. And if you closed your business if you can't find a new job if the labour exchange is not proposing anything, except leaving for jobs in the lagging farm for two days a month? And then you get a notice from the tax office that you're a parasite and have to pay the government $ 200 (in national terms) tunaytsha tax. One way out — to the square. Because there is nothing to lose.

on Friday, February 17 action on October square in Minsk was dedicated to the abolition of tunaytsha tax was called "March of the angry Belarusians". Well, Yes, snappy is a good word. Not angry, not aggressive, not fallen into despair, and that is snappy. All other States are possible, but destructive. But Friday's action was inspiring -

there Was a sense that there were old acquaintances. Classmates or fellow soldiers who for several years have lost each other from sight and generally through the difficult times when I did not want to see anyone. And now were all happy to see each other. Brought posters "Fig you, not the tax!" and "the Main parasite — Lukashenko". And then went the same route six years ago: along Independence Avenue to the government house. There on the steps of the "parasites" burned notice from the IRS.

Lukashenka's Decree № 3 "On the prevention of social dependency" blazed a cheerful blue flame. The government gave one month to the abolition of slavery, the degrading of the decree. On March 25, assigned with the following protest. And, by the way, another demand of the protesters — free elections. That is, it was not a protest "empty pots". Just tunitsky decree, rejecting Belarus in the seventies, became the fuse that could ignite damp for six years and a fuse.

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