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Kiev is preparing to officially launch the promotion of the Crimea

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In February, Kiev is planning to start broadcasting Ukrainian TV channels on the territory of the Russian Crimea. Source IA "SM-News" reports that the Grand opening of the 150-meter teleradioerre built for this purpose in the district of Chongar in the Kherson region of Ukraine, will take place on February 26. The tower was built in the framework of the "Strategy of development of broadcasting in the Kherson region and broadcasting organizations on the territory of Crimea for 2016-2017", developed by the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio.

officials exact date is not known. A member of the national Council Sergey Kostinsky said that the construction was completed on January 25, and now the workers have to proceed to the installation of the equipment.

In the implementation of the project among other involved employees of the Ministry of information policy (MIP) of Ukraine, popularly called "minpropagandy". The date of the official announcement of the launching of Stalin in the Russian analogue terrestrial space chosen, and is also propagandistic: February 26 decree of the President Petro Poroshenko celebrated the "Day of the Crimeans' resistance to the Russian aggression."

along the lines of "MyProperty" developed by the international anti-Russian information campaign. First Deputy Minister of the Department Emine dzhaparova January 20, "UKRINFORM" met with "representatives of non-governmental organizations", as well as heads of leading media and so-called "displaced persons from Crimea", which discussed the campaign, its visual content and slogans.

Then, the press service of the MIP said that they support the idea of in-school workshops and film screenings in universities of Kiev. In MIP promised to assist in the organization of the telethon, and support for volunteers wishing to participate in the campaign.

became known IA "SM-News", direct the leadership to Julia Kazdobin, adviser to the head of the MIP, a former employee of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The attention is focused on the mandatory coverage of "the active role of the government in the organization of events".

in February to the Crimea from Kiev is planning to send a film crew of the Ukrainian TV channels, which will prepare documentaries and TV spots of "resistance heroes" and the alleged "repression" of the Russian authorities concerning the Crimean Tatars. To demonstrate the "international support" was also discussed the option of a visit to Crimea a "MyProperty" of Ukraine and accredited by Ukrane American and European journalists.

And preparatory work has already been done. On the Russian Peninsula already defined the main characters of the stories, as well as commentators. An interview with Ukrainian journalists will take from the elected officials of the Crimean Tatar nationality, living in Crimea and recognizing the fact the reunification of the region with the Russian Federation. Also in propaganda videos will be removed representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora of the Peninsula, human rights activists and lawyers providing legal services to the "enemy occupation". It is not excluded that in the movies for the mass will appear representatives of the "initiative group of citizens" who have claims to the local authorities.

In view of the above it is worth emphasizing that opposition to the aggressive information campaign of a neighboring state in the Crimea should be engaged in the Ministry of internal policy, information and communications, Republic of Kazakhstan. The level of organization of this work is quite low: employees of the Ukrainian "MyProperty" were active, in the news of the Crimean Department give out of gratitude for press secretaries and announce a competition for the best material on the topic of counter-terrorism. Probably ought to take responsibility for coordinating the work of the mass media in the direction of counter-propaganda.