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The Swedes invented the dish, which can not wash

PostRussia 23.02.2017 at 12:14

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Finally fulfilled the dream of all lazy people on the planet. According to foreign media reports, the company Inventia together with Stockholm Royal Institute of technology has invented a unique type of pottery. As it turned out, it does not wash.

Scientists were able to create amazing technology cover plates. It will now allow izgotovlivajut with a coating resistant to dirt. Approval of Swedish engineers, it is absolutely safe for humans. While undergoing testing.

On the kind of cookware made from ceramic, but in fact it was manufactured from cellulose epocryl harmless solution of the wax. It is this coating which, according to developers, is applied with a high temperature and make sustainable dishes with remains of food. They, incidentally, does not stick and you can wash them under the tap ordinary tap water.

the staff of the research organizations believe that their invention will soon be possible to see svedskych, and in the homes of people in other countries. It should be noted that such dishes will save water, washable, and otvoditsya on her washing in the past.