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Russian government employees working abroad are allowed to receive salary in foreign currency

PostRussia 23.02.2017 at 15:07

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Russian citizens who perform their duties abroad, it will be possible to receive wages and other payments in the currency of the country where they are. The Ministry of Finance has prepared a draft law with respect to this norm.

According to the Russian Law, Russian citizens, workers in the public service outside the country, are paid in domestic currency. In connection with this legal norm workers experience considerable inconvenience, as all calculations in the field using the currency of the country where they are located. The purpose of the Ministry of Finance developed the bill directed on elimination of this economically unreasonable inconvenience.

the Action of the draft law concerns employees of diplomatic missions, consular missions. Also the norm of the project involves representatives of the Russian Executive working in domestic institutions abroad. Citizens to the Federal government for the fulfillment of certain duties of a temporary nature, will also receive a salary in the currency of the country where they work.