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Doctors told how to cope with insomnia in just 7 days

PostRussia 24.02.2017 at 11:49

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A Group of experts from the UK, led by Professor Jason Ellis has developed an algorithm so-called "restructuring of sleep." The authors of the method claim that a person suffering from sleep disorders will be able to get rid of problems in just a week.

it is Established that people who have difficulty falling asleep, often operate to the detriment of the body: take a sleeping pill, tend to go to bed early to sleep it off. These methods do not always work. If a person spent in bed was 10 hours, it does not mean that he will be rested. One quite 5 minutes to "fall" into sleep, and the other, 5 hours is not enough. He stirs, wakes up at night, it is always something that bothers, annoys the slightest rustle. The only salvation for most pills.

According to Ellis, these "martyrs" should limit the time spent in bed. Suffering from insomnia, people should have a notebook and write down observations.

you Need to find out how long the night is spent in sleep. It is not about the number of hours spent in bed, and about how many hours people actually sleeping. After all, you can go to bed at 9 PM, and to be in the arms of Morpheus only 2 nights, Wake up at 6 in the morning and to get out of bed only at 8. In this case people will spend on sleep only 4 hours (instead of 11). Similar observations physicians are advised to lead for 7 days. If the total number of hours spent on sleep, not more than 35, there is reason to see a doctor. If the resulting figure is more, the experiment can continue.

you can set yourself a certain time of recovery. It would be nice to have the alarm at the same time even on weekends. It is important to go to bed at the same time for 2 weeks. This allows you to set the biological clock, the body will be easier to fall asleep. Of course, not everyone is accustomed to adhere to a strict daily routine. But it is an important prerequisite for a healthy sleep. If you wish to spend productively at bed time, it makes sense to follow the regime.

If these recommendations British doctor brought no improvements to continue to self-medicate and take a sleeping pill prohibited. There is a risk to harm the body even more. Preferably as soon as possible to seek professional help. The doctor will tell you what to do in a particular case.