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What to feed an infant, if the mother has no milk

Infant 26.02.2017 at 16:20

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Mother's milk is the best food for a child, especially the first year of life, because it gives the child physical, mental, and emotional health. But there are times when all the huge desire of moms to breast feed the baby does not work. And then the question arises, what to feed the baby, if there is no milk?

At the beginning it should be mentioned that no modern the mixture is not able to replace mother's milk! So try by all means to keep breastfeeding your baby!

Adapted milk formulas

Such mixture as close to breast milk in composition. As proteins are used cow's milk protein (casein) and whey proteins, which are subjected to special treatment, which improves their digestibility.

as the fats used in milk fat, but most of them are fully replaced with vegetable fats (a mixture of sunflower, soya, corn, coconut, canola and palm oils), are also subjected to special treatment.

the Carbohydrates in adapted milk mixtures are made up of lactose.

to bring cow's milk to human mineral composition, the content of calcium, potassium, reduce sodium, iron, zinc, copper, iodine, fluorine and other minerals increase, also contains vitamins (A, b, C, etc.).

the composition of adapted milk mixtures are also added taurine – an amino acid necessary for the formation of the brain and organs of sight, carnitine, promotes the formation of fatty acids, Inositol, nucleotides for the formation of the immune system.

Adapted milk formulas are divided into dry and liquid ready for use, allowing you to avoid mistakes in the proportions of breeding dry mixes. Also, the liquid mixture retain all the beneficial properties of their component substances, which are partially lost during the manufacture of dry blends.

it is Also tailored mix of fresh produce and dairy, which adds various ferments: Bifidobacterium, kefir fungus, Lactobacillus acidophilus. It is worth noting that milk formulas can be used in the diet of children older than 2-3 weeks because they can provoke or exacerbate vomiting.

, Partially adapted milk mixtures

For the production of such mixtures, cow's milk protein, which is subjected to lesser treatment, so it is less similar to the proteins in human milk. Whey, as a rule, is not used. Fatty acid composition is not completely balanced, as a carbohydrate is used lactose, sucrose and starch.

Also produced casein mixture, in which the protein is represented mainly casein. Such mixtures are intended for kids who are prone to regurgitation.

To the partially adapted dairy mixes are “follow-up formula”, that is, the mixture for feeding children from six months. They differ in that they contain more protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to meet the needs of the grown kids.

These compounds are also produced dry and liquid, fresh and sour milk.

the Specialized dairy mixes

for healthy children with minor functional disorders of the digestive system (vomiting, constipation, etc.). In such mixtures add thickeners (starch or gum of the carob tree), thereby improving the process of digestion.

the Therapeutic milk formula

are Made for kids with certain medical conditions. For example, the therapeutic mixture for premature babies, small babies, for Allergy sufferers, children with frequent regurgitation, colic, unstable chair, etc. For each disease chosen your composition milk mixture.

How to choose the right mix for artificial feeding of the baby?

the Selection of the milk mixture is carried out in accordance with the age and condition of the child. The younger the child, the greater the degree of adaptation of the mixture he needs.

Therefore, for the feeding of children from 0 to 6 months is required maximally adapted to the mixture (in the boxes next to the name is the number "1" for premature babies – "0"). From birth to feed your baby fresh mix after 2-3 weeks, add milk mixture. Combine these mixtures in the diet of the child in equal amounts. In any case do not let the baby in the age of “follow-up formula” or non-adapted mixtures, because they are not designed for feeding newborns and can lead to health problems. After 6 months, change the formula to "follow a formula" (next to the name is the number "2").

so, what to feed the baby, if there is no milk? The answer is a special adapted milk formula in accordance with age, health status and needs of the child. Find a mixture specifically for your child will help the pediatrician.

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