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Constipation is rare in infants stool

Infant 26.02.2017 at 16:54

Everything you need to know of a young mom!

How to determine constipation

first of all, there is a difference between constipation and infrequent stools. So, first thing, before taking any action against constipation, check with a sign, and it is better to consult your pediatrician.

And secondly, one of the important criteria by which to judge the constipated baby is not even the frequency, and stool consistency. For example, the child is 1-4 months, the chair is usually 6-10 times, almost after each feeding. The sight of such liquid stool mushy, and color it bright yellow. The baby is growing, and in 4-6 months and the chair is changing, it becomes more dense and rare. In 6-12 months the baby can walk by and large from 2 to 3 times daily to 1 time per 3-5 days. Therefore, it is you and only you can and should know physiological "habits" of your child. That one little rule for you can be a problem.

If constipation happened the first time

If all the same the baby had a constipation for the first time, and you see that your baby is suffering already a few days, and it does not work, in the truest sense of the word, help him. Put a baby glycerine candle (can be cut adult sterilized knife) or make klisevska. Look, if the stool is of normal consistency and color for the age of the baby , next time take the time to help the child, give him the opportunity to do that. But if you see that the chair is solid or a very tight turn immediately to the doctor.

in General, the problem of these constipation is common in babies up to a year very rarely, and after one or two cases disappears without a trace. But if such problems, the baby has repeated from time to time, they should apply not only to pediatricians but also to the gastroenterologist. You will need to pass feces on different tests, because chronic constipation can be a symptom of diseases such as lactase insufficiency, diabetes or rickets. Although the disease is most commonly accompanied by the other symptoms, you still need to go to the doctor.

How can I help the child?

There are mechanical effects, but first try to do without them.

Massage tummy

the Massage is done with gentle, circular movements clockwise


Very good and effective exercise for constipation, anyway, the baby went to big is the grip on bent legs to the tummy, something similar to the exercise “Bicycle”. The baby lies on its back, and you alternately or at the same time gently take your legs at the knees and tighten them to the tummy. Hold your legs in this position for 20 seconds.

ball Sports

Or the fitball. This is a great ball for training fitness. But it will be useful not only in the fight against constipation in infants. Lay your baby tummy on the ball and come on swing them from side to side. This fun and useful.


Most children suffer from constipation on a mixed or completely artificial feeding. And if you have a baby who is on breast milk, still there are constipation, try feeding him in a semi upright position, when yet a bit slack. As a breast-feeding mother should pay attention to your diet and perhaps to adjust it, because often the cause of constipation in a baby may be the food taken by the mother.

a Warm bath

Warm water stimulates and relaxes the intestines even in adults. Try taking a bath together with the baby (37 degrees!). But if you still feed in the bathroom, and the baby will benefit and you pleasure.

If soft methods of stimulation described above does not help, then you can resort to enemas candles and other mechanical methods of influence. Then the chair is guaranteed to appear in 20 minutes! BUT!!! With frequent application of mechanical stress, the intestines crumbs can get used to and start to be lazy. But we do not need. So for a start let the child to cope with this problem

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