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Salaries of realtors counted in roubles and "big Macs"

Latest blog posts - ISN-SARATOV Property of Saratov, Engels, Balakovo 01.03.2017 at 08:06

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The richest members of the profession live in Switzerland: their average monthly income in recalculation on the Russian currency account for nearly 420 thousand rubles

Realtors definitely get less than the players, but more than the porters. But what are the specific amounts you can expect, estimated by experts of the company Century 21 Russia, which has made a rating of countries by income of realtors for 2016.

of Course, we need some reservations. For example, even within one country the spread of wages is very high: for example, in the U.S. top 50 real estate agents earn with a gap of 2.5 times. Another example is gender: the average in the EU, except Bulgaria and Romania, realtors-men get 26% more than realtors were women.

For convenience, the income of all realtors recalculated in rubles, so you have to make adjustments for currency fluctuations. But if you do not pay attention to the little things, the balance of this. Ahead the ranking is led by realtors Switzerland: in a month each one receives an average of 418 924 ruble. In second place — the Norwegians with an index of 352 923 of the ruble, the third — the British: their monthly earnings — 333 672 rubles. Then there are the representatives of Qatar, Luxembourg, USA, Austria, Netherlands and a lot of other people — up to 38 places, which occupy the realtors of Russia, in a month, on average receiving 54 thousand rubles. From countries, the following further highlight Turkey, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Thailand. And closes the top 50 Moldova, where the average salary of a realtor — 11 830 rubles.

to understand how much "weight" each earnings, the authors have created an additional rating, where the average salary of a realtor is the number of "big Macs", which he can afford per month. Here is Qatar in first place, Switzerland — on the sixth, and Russia — on the 28th. But if it is salary, and "big Mac" are in the territory of one country. And if not?

Source: BFM