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How to cook a sauce for pizza

Club Million 28.02.2017 at 13:26

Culinary recipes

Pizza Sauce is the basis. He specifies the basic taste of the dish and gives it a special touch. In Italian recipes it is once spread on the dough and smeared around the perimeter, leaving the edges dry. A certain famous and beloved dish we select the appropriate sauce. Before you order a pizza you need to know that the salt option is suitable for white sauce, garlic goes well with meat and vegetable fillings like sauce based on soy.

Two recipe sauces for pizzas

In the world of cooking there are so many sauces for pizzas among which the solver can simply be lost. For beginners ideal the following two types:

Special Neapolitan. This recipe opens a whole kitchen of Italy. Only one sauce can give a good mood and good appetite. With this dressing the result is a true national pizza Minsk, Moscow or Kiev – in any city and even the country for the Neapolitan sauce no one remains indifferent. Its components are 1 fresh tomato (blanched), 3 leaves of Basil, a pinch of salt, dry oregano and oregano 2 cloves of garlic, an onion. All these ingredients are finely cut, mix up and give the rolled out dough for further preparations. Egg sauce. To prepare it you'll need 2 eggs, a pinch powdered sugar, salt, dry mustard, 50 ml of cream (15 %) and the same amount of vegetable oil. First, beat eggs with dry ingredients until white foam. Gradually this mix add a thin stream of oil, and in the end, while stirring, pour in the cream.

Every cook should know that pizza without sauce will be dry and there will be no harmony of taste. Without it, all the ingredients will lose flavor and appearance, but Italian food just becomes a pita with dried products.


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