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Nile and cruises him in Egypt

Tourinfo. Travel and tourism 01.03.2017 at 07:14

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From early childhood the Egypt and the Nile associated with something amazing and magical. The amazing civilization of the ancient Egyptians is fascinating Europeans for its mysticism and Majesty. Extant pyramids and mummies surprise with its uniqueness.

there is Hardly a person who is not dreaming for a while to touch the mysteries of Egyptian civilization, to feel the spirit during the reign of the great dynasties of the pharaohs.

the Geography of the Nile in Egypt

the Second longest river on our planet – the Nile.

the Second longest river on our planet – the Nile. Its origins are in the East African highlands, and the mouth – on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The main tributaries of the Nile flowing into it upstream. A left tributary of the Nile — the Bahr-El-ghazal and tributaries form the river Sobat, ACWA the Atbara and the Blue Nile. Below the confluence the Atbara the Nile water flowing through the semi-desert and the river for three thousand kilometers does not have tributaries.

the Length of the Nile is calculated differently, therefore, in different sources it has not the same performance. If counting from Rukarara (a tributary of the Kagera) river length is approximately 6.7 thousand km the length of the Nile is not only the length of the Kagera, but also of lake Victoria. The channel of the river runs from North to South. Neil can be considered as a turbulent river.

the Nile Valley – the habitat of various peoples of differing culture and way of life. The Nile basin occupies a significant area, the size of which is also assessed as not clearly and its length is from 2.8 to 3.4 million square kilometers. It is a large part or entirely are States such as Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt.

the River has a huge flow of water in the Aswan area averages are 2.6 thousand cubic meters per second, but there may be annual fluctuations from 500 to 15 thousand cubic meters per second.

To a different extent Neil has a different name. So, from the Northern tip of lake Victoria to its confluence to lake albert, the river is called Victoria Nile. She has a length of up to 420 km and flows the rocky mountains of Uganda. There is a lot of waterfalls and rapids. The largest is the Murchison falls, its height is 40 m.

the Next phase is called the Nile albert Nile and is from lake Alberto the mouth of the right tributary of Acvi. Here Neil is a lowland river quietly carrying their water. However, in the area of occurrence in the Sudan, Nile overcomes the narrow gorge Nimule. In this place the river rapid.

the Nile carries its waters on the territory of the basin is flat, boggy area of Sadd. photos

the Next section of the river for 900 km calm. Neil carries its waters on the territory of the basin is flat, boggy area of Sadd. Waterlogging causes a large number of papyrus and algae, here the river splits into several branches. The water of the Nile is spread out over a large surface, evaporation of water increases significantly, which contributes to the mass of the aquatic vegetation. It forms saddy – islets during flood detached from the substrate and move with the flow. They create congestion on the river, complicating navigation.

In this part of the Nile pouring water the major tributaries of the Sobat and Bahr-El-ghazal. Water Sabata whitish color due to the suspensions, change the color of the water of the Nile. That's why Sobata below the confluence it is called the White Nile. Its calm waters are crossing a semi-desert area and in the Khartoum area merge with the waters of the Blue Nile. From hence to the mouth, the river is called the Nile.

the Nile in Egypt

the Sahara Desert located in North Africa, crossed by a single river – the Nile. That is why since ancient times, its valley was the place of concentration of human settlements. The river determined the directions of development of agriculture, crafts, culture, art, etc. of the peoples inhabiting the coast. Until today, the narrow 10-15 km coastal strip of the river inhabited by more than 90% of the population of Egypt. The flooding of the Nile, carrying huge amounts of silt, facilitated regular fertilization of soils. Geth or the land of the Nile, is a dried sludge. It lies heavy layers from 4.5 m (near Cairo) to 16 m (near the river Delta).

the Periodic flooding of the Nile contributed to the active agriculture. In Egypt the oldest irrigation system of our planet. The abundance of papyrus allowed the Egyptians to develop not only writing, but also to succeed in the shipping industry. This plant has been used for the manufacture p6ergamenta and for boat building. For a long time it was believed that the Egyptians have made navigation only along the coastline of the African continent. However, studies of T. Heyerdahl proved that they could visit the South American continent.

the Valley of the Nile dotted with ancient cities that previously lived almost all the local population. Thus, Neil has pushed for the development of mathematical knowledge, astronomy (the connection the floods of the river with the heavenly bodies), navigation, etc. the Nile Valley is dotted with ancient cities that previously lived almost all the local population. Hence the development of law and justice, the flourishing of religious cults, culture and the arts.

the Ancient civilization left behind a unique monuments of architecture. The most known pyramid. However, the churches of those times are not inferior to them in greatness and complexity of his build. On the coast of the Nile find the artifacts testifying to its colonization by man already in the stone age.

Tourist cruises on the Nile in Egypt

journey on the Nile have almost 150 years of history, they started in the mid-NINETEENTH century. They were popular and in Brede Russian tourists.

the Modern Nile cruises allow a closer touch to the wonders of ancient Egyptian civilization, to get acquainted with the history of the construction of the pyramids of Giza, to feel the greatness of the time at the foot of the Sphinx, to feel the delicious aroma oil "the Secret of the desert". Before the traveler will reveal the secrets of the process of creating mummies, the production of papyrus.

the Nile Cruise will give the opportunity for several days to visit Cairo, Luxor, temple of Horus in Adfa and the temple of Sobek in Kom Ombo. The eye of the traveler opens the Aswan dam, the temple of ISIS and the obelisk of Hatshepsut.

During cruise tourists get acquainted not only with historical monuments. They have the opportunity to ride on ancient Egyptian chariots and papyrus boats to visit the crowded souks, see the famous belly dancing and Shisha.

Modern travel companies offer a wide range of tourist cruises on the Nile. Each of them gives you the opportunity to see the life of Egypt in a different perspective, each of them is able to leave an unforgettable impression. The attention of tourists offers not only excursions, but also relaxing on the beaches of the Mediterranean sea.

Modern travel companies offer a wide range of tourist cruises on the Nile.

So, the cruise Moscow-Cairo-Luxor-Aswan-Cairo-Moscow allows you to use the services of aviation companies in Egypt. They allow you to avoid a long ground transport and get extra time to visit historical places.

On the same route you can fly on the aircraft of the Russian Aeroflot. This cruise involves moving in for 2 nights Cairo-Luxor and Aswan-Cairo. Tourists traveling in a sleeping car provided with a hot Breakfast and dinner.

Following the route Moscow-Hurghada-Luxor-Aswan-Cairo-Hurghada-Moscow. Tourists make a Charter flight and have the opportunity to see Egypt in General, visiting the main attractions of the state and having unforgettable cruise on the majestic Nile. Night crossings are made by train and bus transport.

will get Acquainted with the southern part of Egypt, after travelling on the route Moscow-Hurghada-Luxor-Aswan-Hurghada-Moscow. The Nile cruise will give the opportunity to get acquainted with his valley to see the famous Aswan.

travel Tips in Egypt

Taking a trip to Egypt, should follow a few simple rules. Their implementation will allow to make the stay complete and not to spoil his unwanted mishaps or misunderstandings. Here are some of them:

— no need to carry the keys to the hotel room;

— give preference to a more closed clothes. This is especially true for women and should not sunbathe top-less to be apprehended;

— if You are a woman don't go alone, only with the company;

— photographing people is possible only with their consent, however when shopping it is better to remove the camera out, since its presence will significantly increase the price of the goods;

— the tip is desirable to give little and often;

— when you purchase goods, you can bargain where there is not set price (you can buy at 15-20 percent cheaper), however if the product is worth the price – bargain it is meaningless;

— the trip to Egypt to follow the correct filling of all documents, they should not contain defects, etc.

Nile Cruise will leave in Your memory a lasting impression that will enrich You with new knowledge.


Nile Cruise will leave in Your memory a lasting impression that will enrich You with new knowledge. However, so distant a journey requires careful preparation. Preferably in more detail to get acquainted with the history of Egypt and its main attractions, natural monuments of the state, cultural and religious traditions of the local population.

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