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Prohibition of registration of car

Auto blog 07.03.2017 at 09:02

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What do you mean a ban on the registration of the car? Why impose a ban on the registration steps of the car? Who seizes the car and who takes it off? Arrest, ban, restrictions – are there differences? So, we begin.

Hello, dear blog readers.

the Ban on registration of car is the inability to perform any of the following registration actions: removal of the vehicle from the register, the destruction if you wish, the old owner of license plates, registration and vehicle registration for the new owner and issue him the other rooms of the certificate on the machine and entering information in the information database and the passport of the vehicle. At the request of the person concerned in the traffic police authorities, which have functions registered office, will be rejected.

Now often when trying to register the purchased used car the new owners are faced with a serious problem. Sometimes register a car in MREO traffic police of the buyer impossible. Therefore, before buyers emerged the need to test the car on the prohibition of registration actions. The presence of such a ban restricts the right of the debtor to sell and re-registration of your vehicle until it is completely will pay off with available debts.

the Reason for this is debts of the former owners, for which the bailiffs rulings prohibiting the registration of vehicles. If the car owner will show up debts, the bailiff shall issue an order prohibiting Commission registration of actions and sends it to the traffic police. This means that the debtor can keep the car, but will not be able to sell or donate a car , until you pay off its debts.

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