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Car valuation for probate

Auto blog 07.03.2017 at 09:04

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What is the rating of the car for entry into an inheritance? What we need to assess the car? How much is car valuation for inheritance? What are the dimensions of the state duty for committing notarial actions in inheritance? So, let's begin.

Hello, dear blog readers.

the Rating of a car is a procedure that allows to determine its value at the moment, based on its technical condition, taking into account the market situation. The car is an object property, and his exact knowledge of prices allows you to make different kinds of transactions with the largest owner's efficiency.

When a person in the inheritance goes to the car, its value needs to be assessed. Many companies offer their services in the evaluation vehicle for the notary registration of all related documents.

an evaluation vehicle for the inheritance?

the Rating of the machine should be to determine the calculation of notarial fees (0.3% of market value for direct heirs and 0.6% of market value for other heirs). To evaluate the machine, you must provide a copy of the death certificate, the title to the car and the passport of the Customer (preferably from one of the heirs). Evaluation of machines for the entry into the inheritance occurs immediately after the death of the testator, and not at the time of obtaining the certificate of inheritance, because it is only issued six months after the opening of the inheritance. During this time the market price may significantly fall or rise.

Typically the vehicle for inheritance is done when the transport there are several heirs to the same queue (or there are heirs by right of representation), to divide the market value of the car at all in accordance with their shares. The car itself is an indivisible chattel. The heirs can not share it physically (one right door, another bumper, third roof, etc.), so it shares the market price (estimated value of the vehicle for inheritance).

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