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Styling by inheritance

Auto blog 07.03.2017 at 09:04

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Today I will answer all those who are interested in the design of the car by inheritance. How to get a car inherited? How to sell or give it to a new owner? How to conduct a vehicle registration in the traffic police? Here you can download a blank contract of sale car by inheritance. Now everything in order.

Hello, dear blog readers.

the First step is probate. The inheritance is considered to be valid from the date when the person died. The car, which was the property of the deceased, cannot be in someone else's use, because all the documents which was furnished to the deceased, now lost their validity. Six months later the machine will be. It is clear that such Parking is caused by a long process of renewal of the machine to another person. Only after that can again be used to renew the car.

This legislative provision is regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. So when you immediately after the death of the former owner of the car will come to a notary for acceptance of the inheritance, he will deny you and will announce the semi-annual period of waiting. It is in the notary's office on the basis of succession by law or a will, you will be able to obtain the certificate of entry into the inheritance.

How to get a car inherited?

to get the machine, you are agreeing to accept the inheritance. To do this, the application is submitted to the notary. After its review, will decide whether or not a successor has bequeathed a relative property. It should be noted that the application is submitted not later than 6 months after the death of a relative.

the Economic situation is unstable, with each passing month the cost of machines on the market will be lower and lower. And yet it is possible to avoid long downtime. If the heir does not want to wait six months to get a legacy car, this question can be discussed with the future testator, inviting him to apply instead of the will — deed of gift .

the renewal of the vehicle by inheritance defines Civil code of the Russian Federation, article 1163:

1. The certificate of right to inheritance shall be issued to heirs at any time after six months from the date of opening of the inheritance, except for cases stipulated by this Code.

2. At inheritance according to the law and under the will the certificate of inheritance may be issued before the expiration of six months from the date of inheritance opening if there is authentic data that except the persons who have applied for a certificate, other heirs entitled to inheritance or relevant part, not available.

3. Issuance of the certificate of inheritance shall be suspended by the court, and in the presence of a conceived but unborn heir.

you Still need to assess the machine for entry into the inheritance, but rather to calculate the notarial tariff. It will be calculated the amount to be paid to the heirs for the certificate on the right to inherited property.

To the heirs of the first and second stage rate is 0.3% of the market value of the vehicle (but not more than 100 thousand rubles). For the others – 0,6 % (but not more than 1 million rubles). In some cases, referred to in article 333.38 of the tax code, the heirs may be exempted from the payment of notary public fees.

for Example, the daughter got the car after his father's death (primarily inheritance). On the evaluation report the cost of the machine for the day, when the father died, amounted to 500 000 rubles. Therefore, the daughter must pay the notary services in the amount of 1500 rubles.

After providing all the documents the notary public after six months from the date of death of the testator-the owner of a car will give you a certificate of right to left.

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