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To pay the state duty at 30% discount

Auto blog 07.03.2017 at 09:06

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How to pay for the stamp duty discount? What is the registration fee the discount? What is the validity of the payment of fees with discount? This will be today's our conversation.

Hello, dear blog readers.

the Duty of the traffic police — a mandatory fee levied on individuals and legal entities for the Commission of legally significant actions.

1 January 2017, the drivers have the opportunity to save money when paying state taxes — the discount is 30%. Legislators believe that the reduction of duties by 30% may provide an additional incentive for those who prefers to visit the office to receive services and have not yet registered on the Single portal of state services —

How to register on the website services, look here:

Electronic payments now carried out online through the portal or mobile application through a variety of means of payment. Exactly a year ago (from 1 January 2016) drivers had the opportunity to pay traffic fines with 50% discount . It is quite convenient and with a minimum expenditure of time and money.

How to pay the state fee with 30% discount?

According to the Tax code of the Russian Federation, amendments are made to article 333.35 of part 2:

the Size of the state fee established by this Chapter for the performance of legally significant actions in respect of individuals, are subject to coefficient of 0.7 in the case of an application about the violation of the above legal actions and payment of the state duty using a single portal of public and municipal services, regional portals of state and municipal services and other portals integrated with the unified system of identification and authentication. That is, to pay the state fee with 30% discount you have to register on the portal and to access your account; select the appropriate service in the proposed directory (for example, replacement of driving license by the end of his term); choose type of service – electronic; fill in the form of an electronic application, making any details of a personal passport, old driver's license expired, the new medical certificate form 003/u; to choose on the calendar the date of the visit to the Department of traffic police for obtaining a new driver's license; send completed application form, which will be automatically checked; in case of successful validation result is presented in the statement data in the dashboard will show the form for the payment of the registration fee with the discount. Payment can be made in any cashless way: using e-wallets using Bank cards or mobile phone accounts; when a successful payment transaction to the applicant by telephone or e-mail a message with an invitation to the Department of traffic police for a license of the driver.

the Very service you need to get directly in the traffic police. In your chosen date and time, visit the registration and examination Department of traffic police. Try not to be late for the appointed time. Bring the original documents specified in the application. Do not stand in the General queue – find yourself in the list of those who processed the documents through the portal. You have assigned a serial number. Wait for the call of the inspector.

the traffic police will check the original documents with the data specified in the electronic application, take your picture for a driver's license and issue you a driver's license. This procedure usually takes less than an hour.

to demonstrate the benefits of using the portal will consider the most common case applying to the unit of the traffic police check the car after purchase .

For this procedure, the car owner will perform three payments:

to pay a fee for making additional entries in the technical passport; to pay the fee for the registration of the vehicle and the design of the STS; to pay the fee for a manufacturer new automobile numbers.

in the preparation of documents in a traditional way with a personal appeal to the Department of police the total sum of payments for fees will be 2000+500+350=2850 rubles. If you use the electronic portal, to pay for services will have 1400+350+245=1995 rubles. Thus, the savings from using discounts on stamp duty will be 2850-1195=1655 rubles.

To this should be added a considerable saving of time and nerves spent while waiting in queue on reception in Department of traffic police.

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