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Registration car in the traffic police

Auto blog 07.03.2017 at 09:07

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Today again we'll talk about how the registration of the vehicle in traffic and where you can re-register the car.

Hello, dear blog readers.

In 2017, the registration of a car is in any office MOTOTRER (MREO STSI), Russia. You, as the new owner, get the car on the old numbers (the number assigned to the car).

So, the car we chose , checked the documents , VIN number of the car , the contract of purchase and sale has written.

You already know that registration of a vehicle does not pass without issuance of insurance policy in which the owner will be you.

Issue the insurance policy on the basis of change of ownership: submit a contract of sale and the diagnostic card (if any).

the registration of the car in the traffic police

On the basis of the Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation of 12.11.2012 N 1156 new owner is obliged to register in traffic police vehicles (including trailers) after their acquisition or customs clearance for 10 days. Therefore, you must register the vehicle itself within 10 days.

If you do not, then the former owner may apply for cancellation of registration (numbers and documents are wanted, the vehicle's registration can be renewed at any time). Because technically the car to check on you in MOTOTRER (MREO STSI) will continue to be for the former owner, which means that "letters of happiness" (transport tax, fines, violations) will be coming to his address, which, of course, he doesn't like.

There are also penalties for owners, managers vehicle, unregistered in the prescribed manner. That is, if you are stopped on the road inspector and you show him the contract of purchase and sale, which was written more than 10 days (overdue), the inspector may be fined. Penalties apply from 1 September 2013: for the first violation, the penalty will be 500-800 roubles, at repeated infringement – 5000 rubles or disqualification control from 1 to 3 months.

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