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Unloading on the sidewalk

Auto blog 07.03.2017 at 09:07

Women's online magazine

Unloading on the sidewalk. Is it possible to drive on the sidewalk for unloading loading? Today let us examine a situation where you need to drive to the store or point of sale, to unloading and loading are not under possible penalty for violation of traffic rules. Is it possible to move on the sidewalk, the pedestrian walkway to reach the porch of the store that was made unloading loading of the goods?

Hello, dear blog readers.

Very often we use your car in order to bring some large or heavy items bought at the store. And here quite often there is a problem loading the purchased goods in your car.

For example, you need to buy 3 bags of cement mix (doing home repair). You found a store with reasonable prices, have bought it, but to pick up the item you have purchased, you need to drive on the sidewalk to drive up to the porch of the store, to boot. You have two options — to break traffic rules, risking a fine for Parking on the sidewalk . Or the second option — not to violate traffic rules and carry the bags (from the shop to a parked according to the rules of traffic the car), 200 metres. Option — to ask to bring, to bring bags of store employees — we will not consider in this article.

What can you do if you need unloading the loading on the sidewalk?

it says in the rules of the road (traffic regulations) about such a situation? I must say, in the legislation of the Russian Federation in these cases, there is a space. The SDA was written in the Soviet Union, when the citizens car was a luxury. Cars were so few that their races on the sidewalk were isolated and no one interfered. The SDA do not even have such that "the load item in the car at the store", there is only a "check on the sidewalk to unload". Legislators assumed that the goods in stores can be brought by the cars, and of goods the citizens need to make a shopping bag, and does not really take on the machines. As they say in the movie "the diamond arm" — "Our people in the bakery by car, do not go!"

so that it was said in the SDA?

the SDA of the Russian Federation of 1993, as amended on 10.09.2016

SDA RF, 9. The location of the vehicles on the roadway.

9.9. Prohibited the movement of vehicles on the dividing strips and roadsides, sidewalks and pedestrian walkways (except for the cases stipulated in points 12.1, 24.2 — 24.4, 24.7, 25.2 of the Regulations), as well as the movement of motor vehicles (except mopeds) lanes for cyclists. Prohibited the movement of motor vehicles on Cycling and Cycling and pedestrian paths.

allowed the movement of cars dorozhno-operational and public utilities, as well as entrance by the shortest route vehicles, incl. connecting loads to commercial and other enterprises and objects, located directly at roadsides, sidewalks or walkways, in the absence of other possibilities of entrance. It should be ensured safety.

Paragraph 12.1 of the SDA. reglementary the Parking lot and stop.

According to the SDA of the Russian Federation of 1993, as amended on 10.09.2016,

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