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Contract-car sale 2017

Auto blog 07.03.2017 at 09:09

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Contract of sale of the car 2017 is needed for processing the transaction of purchase and sale of vehicles (TC). Here you can download a blank standard Contract of sale car, sample of 2017.

Hello, dear blog readers.

the Contract of purchase and sale is the basic document confirming the right of ownership the new owner of the car. The following form is suitable not only for automobile but also for any vehicles (motorcycle, trailer).

in addition to the form of the contract of purchase and sale in the. docx format is:

the Contract of sale from the owner,

sales Agreement from legal persons,

unable to download the template in pdf format:

the Contract of sale from the owner,

sales Agreement from legal persons.

the Contract of purchase and sale (the same as the contract of donation of a car) is made in accordance with the requirements of the traffic police.

According to the new rules of registration of vehicles have the opportunity to register a car in any region of Russia (irrespective of the domicile of the new owner), plus, without removing the pre-registration. It is therefore necessary to reflect in the contract, in addition to the data TCP, and the data of the registration certificate of the vehicle confirming ownership of the seller for this car.

you need to specify the date of birth of the seller and the buyer. In any option contract not forget to write down the phones and put the time of the transaction, not to then pay other people's fines.

to the BUYER: before you sign a contract of sale, the note documents and the available space in the title to fit the new owner of the car. Be sure to check the purchased car for various charges, check to the previous owner of the existence of debts . How to check credit do car here . How to check VIN number of car — here . Take the time to learn the history of the car ! Ask not imposed any restrictions on the registration steps . And only after that sign the contract and give the money for the car. If you have any questions on the design of the machine, then read here .

the Documents for any transaction.

To commit any transactions with the car, and especially when there is a sale of a car, you need the following documents:

1) Personal passport.

2) the vehicle Passport (PTS) is a document of A4 format, folded in half, blue.

It contains information on the main technical characteristics of the vehicle, identification data of basic units, information about the owner and registration of the car.

PTS completed and handed out to the owner of the vehicle the customs authorities at the place of customs clearance, a firm-seller (representative of manufacturer) — in the first sale of the TS and, in cases that require issuance of a duplicate title — MREO traffic police at the place of vehicle registration.

3) the registration certificate of the vehicle vehicle (laminated document that the driver must carry).

4) If the seller is not the owner and not entered in the TCP, the necessary power of attorney certified by a notary from the owner of the vehicle for transacting with the vehicle (handwritten power of attorney will not work).

let me Remind you that the Buyer (the new owner of the vehicle) is required within 10 days to re-register the vehicle itself.

the Seller may, within 10 days after the transaction for the sale to apply to the Department of MREO of traffic police to check car registration to the new owner (buyer). If you sold the car, and the buyer of your vehicle did not register the car within 10 days, you have the right to terminate the registration of the vehicle, writing a statement giving contract of sale.

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