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Parking place in the property

Auto blog 07.03.2017 at 09:10

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Parking place in the property, the ownership of cars. What is the car? How to make a Parking place in the property? And talk about this now.

Hello, dear blog readers.

1 January 2017 shall enter into force a new law 315-FZ, which envisages amendments to the Civil code. Thanks to these innovations, now a Parking lot in covered Parking and open Parking lots will be considered a separate species of property.

the Car — side of the Parking lot bounded by structural elements or lines and are designed to accommodate one motor vehicle (Source: the Moscow Government RESOLUTION dated 20.02.2007 N 99 PP ABOUT the development of the TARGET SOFTWARE... the Official terminology).

Earlier people had to face problems during the buying and selling of Parking spaces, because the actual owners are not considered owners of certain cars, but could only claim a share in the ownership. Ie, if the Parking lot consisted of 100 cars, that person was considered the owner of the 1/100 part of the Parking lot.

So the owner could not put on the cadastral account its own Parking space, because it is not legally considered real estate. Complicating the situation is another point: the law on cadastral registration can be supplied only room with walls on the perimeter, and install any fencing at Parking areas is prohibited. How to register the land under the garage , you already know.

But the biggest problem arose when the owner of the cars was going to sell it. By law to sell their part of equity ownership of the Parking, man it was necessary to send a written notification to other owners (owners of the adjacent Parking spaces).

In the case of Parking the owners of the adjacent cars may be a few hundred, and for the transaction of purchase and sale, all of them had to send letters. It was given exactly a month. The notification process was delayed for such a long time, because it was not possible to notify other owners of Parking spaces through the media and Internet. So people resorted to such sale, as the contract of donation.

How to make a Parking place in the property?

according to the new law coming into force on 1 January 2017, the Parking lot will be an independent object of real estate. The procedure for the inclusion of cars in the inventory will be almost the same as for homes, apartments, and suburban areas.

the People who previously were owners of a share in the Parking lot, can choose one of two options:

— to leave things as they are;

— put a Parking space in the cadastre and register it as an independent object of real estate.

Now, a person will be much easier to dispose of their shares. Thanks to the new amendments to the law, if the parties share ownership of more than 20 people, they can announce the intention to sell its stake through the official website of the Parking lot.

Among the points that have to provide in the legislation — the limitations of using Parking places. Private property, in which they will actually be finished, involves the installation of partitions made of plywood, brick and other building materials. Experts believe that the legislation is necessary to prohibit the installation of any partitions and the use of Parking places as a warehouse, and because this is a gross violation of fire safety rules, traffic and the conceptual integrity of the Parking lot.

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