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To issue the earth under garage

Auto blog 07.03.2017 at 09:11

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How to issue the earth under garage in the property? What documents are needed to issue the earth under garage? Registration of land in the garage cooperative. How to issue the earth under garage? This will be a conversation today.

If you have a garage or are you going to buy it, then this article may be useful to you. Cities are expanding, growing buildings. And if the center of the cities garages disappear, on the outskirts in new buildings and garages continue to build. Every year there are more cars and Parking places is not enough at all. For Parking fine, for Parking on sidewalk — penalty, fined for Parking on the lawn . There is an option to purchase a garage in the cooperative. And as it is now, under the new rules, it is necessary to issue the earth under garage in the property?

Consider several options.

How to formalize the ownership of land under co-operative garage.

Cooperative garages appeared in Soviet times. Garages — a very handy thing, as they meet the need not only for Parking spaces, but also provide enough space for storing tools, wheels, spare parts, consumables etc. To the cooperative land are allowed to bet any garage construction: brick garage, metal, shell. But in the formulation of the garage owner must register the land in the property.

If no rights to the land, the owner of the garage will not be able to sell, give, transfer, inherit. Most areas under garages have been transferred to cooperatives state in perpetuity. And now, at the expiration of the lease your land can transfer to third parties to use the land. They are the same as wants, and will use it: unable to completely demolish the garages and build a house or shopping center. At best, you will pay a penny compensation.

So the owners of the garages formalize the ownership of the land. According to the land code of the Russian Federation proprietors of buildings, buildings that include garages, have when making the ground beneath them priority. Moreover, according to paragraph 1 of article 39.2 of this Code, the citizens who own buildings and the buildings on municipal or government land are buying land under them an exclusive right. The wording of the Law laid down two very important nuances that define further actions of the person who wants to make the property the earth under garages:

the Garage meets the definition of "building, building, construction", i.e. has its own entrance, its own Foundation and is a detached structure — in such a situation, the owner may use the exclusive right at earth registration in the property. The garage has with other buildings common design elements — in these conditions it identificireba as the property of GSK. The land under it can not be privatized, to separate or to buy separately. The owner of garage design can only rely on the proportionate share in the land of the cooperative.

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