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Trends YouTube has now paid for. Why is it bad?

Recently I had written a separate article, as for getting into trends YouTube. Want to tell a little how it all began, and what business on the market has become with this service. And why, things got bad. Not a conspiracy if it is a Russian video bloggers, Yevgeny Lapitsky and Diana Shurygina with Nikolai Sobolev.

I Wish to conquer the Main YouTube Page? To join the ranks of gaining popularity very simple video. The service output to the TOP of "YouTube" is available to any client. Success is guaranteed 100%, regardless of the content of the content. To be in the Top is a cherished dream of many who post their videos on YouTube. First, for every 1,000 commercial hits YouTube pays a certain amount of money. And, accordingly, the more clicks, the more you can earn on this video.

how it all began, and who became thus a "pioneer"?

Service SMOService (which we have a separate forum topic) has launched a new service for its clients. The service is called "hitting the TOP on the Main". Guarantee the output video on the home page most popular videoplace the world to three days. During this time, your video will gain guaranteed from 150 000 to 250 000 views. Pleasant and also useful addition to this would be to visit your website, the link which was provided below the video. YouTube may have a significant impact on the promotion of your website, as in addition to the functions of the video hosting YouTube performs certain functions of the search engine.And it is quite a solid search engine ranking No. 2 in the world by volume of traffic.

Now there are many websites that have started to resell there all cherished and eager service contact trends. Some even managed to create this private site (example toputop.of the Russian Federation), on the site there is nothing other than services falling into trends. The main goal you want to achieve in the first period from 15,000 hits per hour. This figure is normal for getting into trends. If you regularly cheat views, in the end, it is possible to achieve a good and effective performance and even bring videos to YouTube trends, because such views practically guarantee a quick promotion video and actually getting into the trends.

Me was tested independently several times a service video output to trend.After a while you can see the results, because, had the views, comments and likes people. If all this goes on, it will be very good. The money spent on promotion will not really go to waste. Again, the content you promote needs to be just of the highest quality. Quality content will give the maximum profit, if you display weak trends in video effect even don't wait (it just tears).

what determines the hit videos in the TOP?

There is a wonderful website called (Finance Vkontakte), it has recently been very competently painted terms of getting into trends. I can highlight the main aspects are:

a Large number of hits (a minimum of 65 thousand in the first 8 hours) audience Retention on the video, more than 90% (preferably 95% or more) Activity in the video (comments, likes and "share")

Making a video has nothing to do with his promotion, in terms of the search query. The only thing that can affect even greater engagement and CTR. Accordingly, the preview must be of the highest quality video that would attract more viewers after your video will fall into the category of increasingly popular video on YouTube.

whether to order? The final opinion.

Now we hate all companies that promote YouTube videos and take it for a decent amount (about 25-120 thousand for the video). On the one hand, action is not complicated, but I can say that it is very routine. But done once and can say that your video on century of centuries in top. Maybe someone other schemes and methods how to bring in YouTube videos, but I personally use this and it works like a Swiss watch. I would and he kept his video blog, shot the video and bring them in line with the trends - but I have no time left, family and business do not give much free time. What can I say, I'm writing this news ate found. Well, everyone who has read the article, good luck with that and add the site to your bookmarks.