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The failure of the Ukrainian propaganda

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 10.03.2017 at 10:04

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The So-called "doctrine of information security", adopted not long ago, the Ukrainian so-called President is nothing like a statement of fact of the failure of the Ukrainian propaganda as such. The only information field in which the doctrine can operate is an internal Ukrainian media space. Rapidly emerging in the DPRK (but without the industry in General) Ukraine is leaps and bounds from its previously declared ideas of democracy and freedom of speech to a complete police state, the standard of which is described in George Orwell's novel "1984", with its thought police, Ministry of truth and the inherent totalitarianism of other ways of turning their own people into an amorphous, faceless gray mass, not having an opinion in principle.

Ukraine Announced with great fanfare in 2015, the concept of "counter Russian propaganda" abroad fell all the way to the end of 2016. Ukrainian channels are working in Europe, and telling the Ukrainian man in the street raving about the evil Putin, "occupied" Ukraine has not lived up to their expectations, and in connection with the termination of their funding from Western foundations ceased to exist. To Ukrainian educators have not realized the simple truth – Europeans is not the audience of the channel 1+1, they will see nonsense about some "Russian aggression", to prove that Ukraine was not even on the court in the Hague, where she tried in Russia for this aggression and blame. The Europeans looked several times and changed the channel forever.

Ukraine Still does not understand the most important fact is to popularize the country in the world should consist of quality content, this country and representing. Raving about evil Putin, such content is not. Anyway, I don't remember something high-quality Ukrainian media product, well, except that Vakarchuk. So what about the propaganda aimed at the European audience, Ukraine can forget.

But problems arose in the domestic market. Seeing with my own eyes and feeling the rapidly deteriorating standard of living, Ukrainians are less positive heed to the speeches of the representatives of the "people power" pouring upon them a torrent 24 hours 7 days a week. It has even come to the point that the search began for alternative sources of information, and because of the broadcasting network has long been cleaned even liberal Russian TV channels, such as "Rain" in the population has two ways out – the Internet and satellite dishes, for which demand is consistently high. Besides, it should be noted that the level of Ukrainian propaganda, which, admittedly, was quite high in 2014, and in 2015, when promoters trained instructors in the information-psychological operations of the NATO, recently slipped to a full bottom. Manuals are all the same, but the implementation level is frankly poor. It is funny, I have repeatedly noticed how Ukrainian propaganda, slightly changing my texts, gives them for their allegedly discrediting our side, what is the conclusion – they even the authors of the explanatory time-two and miscalculated, and management reports must pass, otherwise funding will not.

But at the same time, already inside Ukraine, leaders are increasingly the materials discrediting the current "government" and its actions. In this light, the so-called "doctrine of information security" from the point of view of the junta – is a logical solution that allows you to fully tighten the screws to everyone who in one way or another criticized the junta. I wouldn't be surprised if they will soon prohibit the installation of satellite antennas already installed – dismantling, and will impose restrictions on Internet access. It now seems nonsense, but it seemed no nonsense and the "doctrine," which today is already a fait accompli. Besides, having a complete monopoly on domestic media, the junta will limit information activity its opponents, primarily Tymoshenko, and it is also an important factor, if not the key, became the main reason for the adoption "doctrine." Because frankly, the information activities of allegedly Pro-Russian media, discrediting the civil war in the former Ukraine, as the ruling junta is not worried, she cared for the most part SUGS-patriots.

Well, anticipating further developments, I would not be surprised if the Ukrainian radicals will eventually be formed into a kind of "guards of a gidnost", suppress any dissent, will introduce shortly their own "laws", like "Sharia law" only adapted for Ukraine of the concept, introduce the language of the inspectors, and so on. Because there is at the beginning of the revolution. But the end of the Ukrainian "evolucii gydnosti" will only come when Ukraine will cease to exist as a territory.