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Must the buyer to leave things in the Luggage store?

Question - answer - Legal advice 15.03.2017 at 06:21

Question - answer - Legal advice


camera storage supermarkets often hang ads

warning that responsibility for personal belongings left

the store carries. In this case the guards are regularly require to give up their

bags and bags in the Luggage storage. Is it possible not to do that?

the answer of the lawyer


according to article 886 of the Civil code, is the obligation

save sent thing and return her safely. And since

the seller does not assume such obligations, then storage on

are really just a place for leaving large items. This is a

is not organized for the convenience of customers and to minimize losses

shop: large bags or umbrellas can hurt and drop goods

shelves, petty thieves hiding in the folds of clothing goods, not wanting for them

to pay, and the like.