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Outfit for the kitchen couture 14.03.2017 at 12:40

Spring is the time of renewal. And it is not surprising that in the spring on the runways of all the fashion houses appear the most daring of the collection. Wait, you say. After all, this issue is dedicated to interiors and interior kitchens. No there is no mistake. Today we will talk about kitchen fronts – and what is the facade, if not outfit your kitchen? In this area, as in the fashion industry, are constantly emerging new trends. There is also a "Haute couture" - high fashion, collectible, boxed things, and pret-a-porte fashion for all. The choice is up to the client whether he wants to show originality, to create unexpected accents and combinations with the inherent spirit of Bohemia courage and shocking - or would you prefer comfort and practicality.

If the analogy of industry kitchen industry, the kitchen studios is a couture Atelier, where the work of stylists that combine knowledge of the intricacies of high technology with imagination and inspiration. Each kitchen is made to order, taking into account the characteristics of the interior and the tastes of the client. Kitting, modeling, choice of materials, colour solutions allow to take into account the wishes, create a unique model belonging to various price categories, without losing the quality and aesthetic characteristics.So, what's in fashion this spring?

Traditionally, for the manufacture of kitchen facades using a few basic materials: chipboard, MDF, array of different wood species. Also popular fronts, which is a frame of aluminium profile with inset glass. Glass can be transparent, opaque, painted in different colors. However, these facades are mostly a decorative function and complement the facades of the main types. Kitchen facades of MDF with melamine coating economical, and have high wear resistance, which makes them very practical to use. The facades of chipboard are characterized by high moisture resistance and temperature resistance. Why is it important? The kitchen is the place where we fry and cook, and my so – here it is subjected to high temperature and moisture. Kitchen facades made of plastic more durable, resistant to abrasion and fading. Due to the plasticity of PVC film can produce furniture facades of any shape, which made such facades is very popular. Demand creates supply: the manufacturers have a wide texture and colour range of the films. MDF is a high-tech material: fine wood texture and homogeneous structure of the MDF parts during the pressing can take a variety of forms. In addition, the production of fronts from MDF it is possible to create unique drawings. MDF – an environmentally friendly material, widely used in food production. It is not only durable, but also resistant to moisture, fungi and microorganisms. White kitchen facades of MDF, painted with enamel, and feature bright, rich color and highly reflective. Smooth surface, coated with lacquer, easy to clean and wash,products coated with enamel, is not sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Additional layer of varnish protects the façade from damage. Solid wood, like any natural material has a unique pattern, so that each facade is unique. Products of solid durable but sensitive to humidity and temperature. To protect the array against external factors, the facades of this material to undergo costly treatment with varnishes and antiseptics.Consumer demand – the driving force of progress, which induces the market leaders to improve technology and the introduction of new materials, while experience helps to avoid mistakes in the future.

it is Preferable to create new trends that will be in greatest demand. The main thing here is balance: it is impossible to leave without attention of popular consumer goods and services, but without the initiative and bright ideas fail to reach new heights. So sometimes it's worth the risk to use new technology to offer unexpected stylistic decisions.

Remember Coco Chanel: her little black dress is now a classic and just as popular as in the days of its first appearance. Customer demand is varied, just as varied people's tastes. Range is updated, and last but not least - thanks to the findings generated in the course of work on the projects, and these findings are immediately gaining popularity. So the proposal also creates demand. Relief panels of MDF, which appeared a few seasons ago, is still popular. Relief can simulate different textures – dunes, geometry, different design ideas.Still popular and so-called "emotional design" facades: prints, images, unusual combinations of colors. So, to my fifteenth anniversary in the market of furniture factory "Maria" released headsets Jazz Jubilee, complemented by new design elements – milled facades, bringing the spirit of musical freedom and improvisation. The use of 3D relief panels, geometric shapes inspired by the inspiration of nature and the remnants of a legendary music – a new trend in the market of architecture and design.The emergence of new materials is often associated with new technologies. Example of a system of glass louvers with touch control Climber. Wall cabinets kitchens, louvered Climber with electric drives will be a stylish and functional element of the kitchen units – they fold easily and silently climb through a special sensor. Just one touch to get the desired result. This new product is designed for those who appreciate not only comfort, but also wants to impress its guests manufacturability of its cuisine.However, in recent years more and more popular and more in the direction of neo-classical. It is characterized by the combination of features of modern and classic, harmonious proportions. Speaking of the neo-classical, it should be noted the English style – clear and concise – it is popular with designers. All new – well forgotten old and well – advanced old. Feature decorative elements that create something fundamentally new is not always needed materials that have not yet appeared on the market. The main thing – to create new forms. For example, original decorative milling on the facades of MDF, shaped facades.

the Facade of the array can also be fabricated with an unusual shaping. Become very popular toned and patinated facades from the array. Carved elements open up almost unlimited scope for creativity. Traditional classical elements – pilasters, cornices, carved elements is not always appropriate in a modern interior, so a classic "simplified", it becomes less typical. In April, Milan will host the international salon Eurocuchina. At Eurocucina is usually an overview of trends in the kitchen industry, the embodied world producers of food. On the creation of stands and kitchens for this salon employs the best designers in the world. The most anticipated trends – ekostil and the game of contrasts. It seems that the designers aim to combine in one harmonious whole the four "main elements": metal, plastic, stone and wood. Undoubtedly, there will be presented projects that integrate a variety of devices: actuators, audio system, plasma televisions, playing both decorative and functional role – up to interactive systems, unique system of Siri in the iPhone, and it is really revolutionary decisions, such as charging the phone from touching the countertop. The fashion establishment is the creation of the future. It is a world where you can forget about the laws of physics, which may be any color and shape. Manufacturers of facades, plastic and film coating are already doing the first steps, and together with our customers. But what is surprising: now think about the future as about the world of plastic, metal, and fractal surfaces can be called traditional. But the noble wood solid Energy... live wood is unique. Back to nature - who said that the future can not be so? Let's wait and see. One thing is clear: this spring the world of kitchen fashion cooking us lots of delicious surprises.

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