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What are the types of knee joint prostheses?

Feed BABY-TEVA.RU 14.03.2017 at 14:33

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Today typically is chosen between the so-called "Mobile Bearing" ("mobile bearing") and "Fixed Bearing" ("fixed bearing"). In the "Fixed Bearing" plastic sliding surface required to move, firmly attached with attached in the bone with metal. In the "mobile bearing" plastic surface remains independent. To choose a suitable prosthesis is necessary to consult with an experienced professional podiatrist.

So, in case of large bone defects, unstable ligaments or weak muscles necessary implantation Fixed weapt to ensure good functionality of a stable, painless knee. With this prosthesis, however, is only possible flexor and extensor movements, rotational movements in the knee joint is limited. Depending on the age, occupation, habits, muscle strength and quality of bone tissue can be impletion "mobile bearing". This prosthesis allows a greater range of motion, more natural movement, provides the best functional result and the wear of the sliding surface can be easier replaced. This type of prosthesis is much newer, more modern and consequently more expensive compared to "fixed Podshipnik".

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