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Business / Real estate

Sberbank lowers interest rates on mortgage loans for residential systems "Akvilon invest"

News / mortgage 16.03.2017 at 09:06

Sberbank lowered interest rates on mortgages for residential complexes of holding company "Akvilon invest".

According to the new conditions of the Bank, the apartment in all residential complexes of holding company "Akvilon invest" can be bought, having issued the credit in the savings Bank at interest rate of 10.4% per annum.

the moment the holding company "Akvilon-invest" builds more than 100 thousand square meters of housing in the complexes "KosmosStar" and 4You in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg.

the LCD 4You covers a total area of about 85 thousand square meters In apartment buildings 1564. The total housing area of 56 500 sq. m. On the ground floor in houses placed built-in offices, cafes and shops. On the underground level contains Parking for 318 cars. The complex is planned for 2018.

Zhilmassiv "KosmosStar" covers a total area of about 15.5 thousand sq m. the complex will 269 apartments. In a guarded area will accommodate the multifunctional Playground complex, area for sports, basketball and volleyball courts, outdoor fitness equipment. In addition, there will be two levels of underground Parking. The completion date is second quarter of 2018.