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The conspiracy theorists interested in the moon base, NASA hiding

PostRussia 16.03.2017 at 16:35

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According to researchers from the group SecureTeam10 involved in the study of space images, Earth's natural satellite is not so lifeless as it seems at first glance. According to adherents of conspiracy theories, located on the moon base of aliens, which has long been known to the American space Agency. Ufologists believe that scientists hide this fact from the public.

this is the conclusion the conspiracy came after the discovery of mysterious images obtained by lunar reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). The machine rotates around the earth's satellite for 7 years and made a lot of shots, causing numerous issues. In particular, we are talking about strange formations on the surface of the moon. Ufologists claim that it could not occur naturally. Apparently, the mysterious object is the base of aliens. Researchers believe that members of NASA are aware of all Affairs, but it is carefully concealed from ordinary citizens.

On pictures and videos falling into the hands of conspiracy theorists, it is clear that the strange design is not static. From time to time a triangular shaped object changing place of deployment and can even disappear.

I Should add that mysterious formations on the moon, earthlings are interested in for several decades. Amateur astronomers you see on the moon's surface the outlines of the structures of UFOs and "men in black". It is quite possible that humanity will one day be able to learn if life exists beyond Earth.