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Lada Vesta 2015 Reviews 17.03.2017 at 12:29

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Hi. Yes, actually, car for the money, great if you used at AVTOVAZ, then grab it. But if a foreign car, while saying 7 times measure and 1 time cut. The task was to buy a car for 2-3 years, for the city, the budget was up to 600 thousand rubles in 2015. I decided to take BOO, searching the advertisements and trade ins did not find anything suitable, I realized that it is necessary to look longer, and the car needed now. Swept by the dealers of different brands, price tags everywhere wild, for the money nothing new to buy. As it spontaneously went to AVTOVAZ, Vesta and bought in the maximum configuration, but like, most importantly, a better fit was great, the machine is light, the wife called her seirenkai ;) it was Very nice when the car is new current appeared, all looking at the traffic lights, at the gas station always ask that as the car ;) In the town the car is great, engine is enough for all maneuvers, visibility is great, rear view camera with good resolution, only to constantly have it cleaned when the street is dirty. Literally after 3 weeks of owning the car, someone keyed the hood, made a scratch length of 5 cm, in hull it was repainted. Summer went to Sochi in a few cities of Russia where there are relatives, it is necessary after all to see ;) On the highway it is fine, exactly, just noisy (soundproofing is desirable, especially the wheel arches) In the Rostov region got stuck in traffic for 3 hours, the box 2 times went to emergency mode, stopped, waited for it to cool. The problem with the overheating of the clutch disc, the first machines it was faulty, the dealer changed under warranty for another of higher quality, problems is still there. I will continue to list the shortcomings, as they are often guided, but I must warn you though, these shortcomings drop in the bucket, the rest of the car very good and model new get better. Leap in quality for Russia is simply incredible, after that car, I began to respect the Russian car industry, for me, usually the Japanese around the head and better than Toyota's only Lexus...

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