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The state Duma adopted an appeal to European parliaments and international organizations in connection with the pogroms of Russian banks in Ukraine

The state Duma adopted the appeal "To the parliaments of European States, the European Parliament, the parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe, parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Secretary General of the Council of Europe in connection with the riots of banking institutions in Ukraine."

Deputies expressed indignation in connection with the pogroms of banking institutions in Ukraine, which peaked on 14-15 March 2017.

"as a result of these illegal actions paralyzed the activities of Sberbank and Alfa-Bank in which to store their funds one million depositors and customers and has several thousand citizens of Ukraine", - stated in the document, the text of which was prepared by the Committee on financial markets and the Committee on international Affairs.

for the First time in the history of modern Europe the employees of banking institutions was effectively trapped in areas under attack. At the same time representatives of Ukrainian authorities their statements incited neo-Nazis to commit violent criminal actions, noted in the address.

Deputies drew the attention of European colleagues to the fact that the President of Ukraine instructed to impose sanctions against banking institutions, was in full compliance with the Ukrainian legislation, in good faith to fulfill the requirements of the law and having a significant share in the national banking system of Ukraine.

Such actions, according to the state Duma, "do not conform to the norms of international law, including obligations of Ukraine in the framework of the Council of Europe and its obligations in connection with the signing of the Association Agreement EU - Ukraine, destroying the investment climate in Ukraine, exacerbate the already dire economic situation in the country."

Deputies urge European colleagues, voted for the ratification of the Association agreement, effectively use their powers to curb crime and violence in Ukraine and to give an adequate assessment of the actions of the official Ukrainian authorities.

"History teaches us that the policy of closing the eyes to the actions of the neo-Nazi nature of the threat. A series of crimes and outbreaks of violence in Ukraine must be stopped", - emphasized in the document, which was voted 419 of deputies.

during the discussion, the address was supported by representatives of all factions.

"Ukraine behaves like Somalia. Only ships there picking up, but here the banks," said Alexander Sidyakin (United Russia).

Paul Speraw (LDPR) called for Sberbank and other Russian credit organizations to come to the territory of Crimea. It supported the chosen from Sevastopol Dmitry Belik (EP).

agreed With him Vladimir Kashin (CPRF). "Ukrainian nationalists care about is to fill their pockets. Russian banks should pay more attention to the financing and maintenance of territories of Crimea and Donbass", - he said, urging at the same time strengthen legal support to Russian banks abroad and in international organizations.

"Should work together with European institutions to arrest the process of nurturing neonationalism and Nazism in Ukraine", - said Oleg Nikolayev (CP).

"Our appeal is actually a parliamentary alarm, said Adalbi Shhagoshev (EP). - Not for the first time under the brand of European democracy in the contemporary worldwide resurgence of Nazism. But perhaps the first time we see a country with a political bias is heated and supported by the European Union. We call on Europe to condemn the pogroms in the Ukraine and return to the moral political plane".

the Appeal of the state Duma sent to the UN, the inter-parliamentary Union, Interparliamentary Assembly of States-participants of CIS, PA CSTO, OSCE PA Secretary General of the Council of Europe, parliaments of the European States