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Vaporizer Summit plus BLACK

Best vaporizer | Best Vaporizer store ecig and accessories. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg - latest products 18.03.2017 at 06:38

To buy Vaporizer for herbs and oils and accessories for ecig BEST VAPORIZER - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg

13.000 R. 12.000 p.

Summit Plus is a portable convection vaporizer, the latest release from the American company Vapium. This vaporizer for the lovers of active leisure, it is able to operate in the most extreme conditions, from -18 degrees to + 80 degrees. Compact dimensions allow to take the device with you, always and everywhere. Waterproof case made of high quality material and protects the internal components of the device drops, as well as from dust and dirt. During development Summit +, the manufacturer tried to include the most desirable characteristics of the most popular portable vaporizers. A vaporizer can be used while charging and you can charge via USB. The device is equipped with led indicators which indicate temperature and battery level. To control the device using buttons located on the housing of the vaporizer, and with the help of mobile apps. Manufacturers have developed a free app both on Android and IOS and they are already available for download and installation on Google Play and App Store. Powerful Litium-ion battery - 3300mAh, provides up to 1 hour continuous use at temperature up to 210 °C. auto shut off after a certain period of idle time will help economythe battery life. Eight temperature regimes in the range from 160 °C to 230 °C is about the destination. It has been tested in snow and extreme low temperatures to ensure optimal performance regardless of the outdoor temperature. To make it easy to use, Vapium made sure to enable display using led lights that indicate the temperature and remaining battery power. 3300mAh Litium-ion battery provides up to 1 hour of continuous use at 210 °C. auto shut off after a certain period of time of inactivity saves battery life. Eight temperature regimes in the range from 160 °C to 230 °C allows to use a wide range of herbs

Settings in temperature modes:

Temp 1 (half blue) - 160 ° C

Temp 2 (blue) - 170 ° C

Temp 3 (half yellow) - 180 ° C

4 Temp (yellow) - 190 ° C

5 Temp (half orange) - 200 ° C

Temp 6 (orange) - 210 ° C

Temp 7 (half red) - 220 ° C

8 Temp (red) - 230 ° C

the package Plus Summit:

Summit vaporizer + BLACK

carrying bag + carabiner napoenny

cleaning kit

replacement screens

spare mouthpiece

O-ring for vaporizer

Micro USB charger

user's manual