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How to enable automatic download of the chosen podcast - A blog about Apple 18.03.2017 at 07:00

All about Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook

Great all the same thing these podcasts. They set us up during the morning travel on subway and buses, brighten up the loneliness the evening of Tuesday or cheer gym. While some people prefer to listen to podcasts online, and someone to download them EN masse, not sparing the memory of their devices. But what's the point if there is a much more elegant way to automatically download only those editions?

to activate the auto upload feature, launch "Settings", then scrolling down the list of available sections, open the "Podcasts"; Move the slider activation opposite to "Download only in wifi" to "on."; Now go to the tab "Loading" issues" in the same section and select "New" or "Never." depending on your preferences;

Ready. From now on, you don't miss a single issue. Now it remains only to determine the most important ones.

in order to weed out less relevant channels, launch the app "Podcasts" Select the podcast you want to add to your favorites; Click on the gear icon on the right to configure the settings for the selected podcast; and

In the drop-down window, click on "Download podcast" and select "New" or "Never". depending on how you see fit.

Now you don't miss new releases favorite show even if you are not connected to the Network.